Review: Inside Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar

Consistently ranked as one of the top bars in London, Rosewood London Scarfes Bar feels worlds away from the rest of the bars in the area. We recently had a chance to check out and review Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar. Here’s a preview for a larger review to come.

Scarfes Bar is not inside Rosewood London hotel, but just outside within its own sanctuary and doors. We love that it’s not inside a hotel lobby but separated. Upon arrival at the gorgeous doors, you feel like you’re about to enter a private member’s club.

Rosewood London

The bar is intimate and swanky, with high attention to detail and decor. There’s a surprising cosiness, as if you’re spending time at your rich uncle’s mansion, but also a splash of masculine glam, as if the bar was designed with 007 in mind. It’s the type of bar Logan Roy and his family from HBO’s Succession would likely romp.

Scarfes Bar has a cozy fireplace, really cozy seating and armchairs, candle chandeliers and a bookcase in the book (for that “rich uncle” feel, giving a sense of “home.”) It’s dim-lit, perfect for celebrities, but also dates. In fact, we sat next to a couple at the bar that were on their first date (it went well).

Rosewood London Scarfes Bar

Even at an early hour, around 8 pm, on a weekday no less, the bar was busy with very little open seats, indicative of its popularity. In fact, a review of Rosewood London’s Scarfes Bar is truly for those who want to put the effort into getting a seat. IE: It’s good to know people in London or who work here. That said, it’s not impossible to have entrance. Naturally, if you’re staying at the hotel, you’re all set.

Qatar Airways
The cocktail menu is serious with a playful touch, which has the sense of “it feels good to feel good” — and you know you’re getting your money’s worth from expert mixologists. The bar also has simple yet delicious bar bites.

Bar snacks at Scarfes Bar

Oh yeah. Speaking of first dates, the bar is a hot spot for couples in general. Rosewood London’s “Romance at Rosewood” package even gives love birds an excellent time at the bar — and something quite special.

The amazing mixologist at Scarfes Bar created a Valentine’s Day edition bottled cocktails for couples to toast to. The Love Potion bottled cocktail is curated to inspire feelings of love. Expect a sweet blend of Roku Gin, Lychee Wine, Linden Honey, and Citra Hops. It’s the perfect nightcap for couples staying at the hotel, and the bar team can even personalize each bottle, inscribing the couples’ names, if you’re into it.

Love Potion

That’s not all. The package offers couples a luxury experience as soon as they arrive. Upon check-in to their luxury residence, couples are welcomed by a chilled bottle of Ruinart champagne and a “sweet” gift from the property’s pastry chef. The package also includes a full English breakfast for two in bed, and “romantic turndown service,” which is likely what you might imagine for a Valentine’s themed package.

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