Review: LumiCharge Smart LED Lamp And Universal Dock For Home And Travel

I’m a big fan of Led lamps, and I’m a big fan of wireless chargers when I travel, so I got bang for my buck with LumiCharge.

Lumicharge’s sleek design for its LED lamp makes it perfectly shaped for my bedside. It removes cable clutter and has all the features you’d expect in 2023: alarm, color modes, wireless phone charger (for all types of Smartphones).

Lumicharge LED Desk Lamp

In fact, with multiple phone, airpods, and watch chargers built into its design, it eliminates carrying multiple charging cords at home, and the same goes for its wireless phone dock, which has been terrific when I travel. It’s easy to pack, and because I travel so often, I have absolutely no idea how the room is design with outlets and USB plugs. I guess you’d say I’m very particular about this, especially the lighting. Many hotels have gotten rid of the night light above their heads, and I love having a lamp right next to me as I read, one that’s not super bright that’s provided in hotels. It’s why I’ll take a lamp like Lumicharge LED Desk lamp.

Best of all? It’s less than $100 (currently on sale for $79 on Amazon).

Review: LumiCharge Smart LED Lamp

Lumicharge LED Desk Lamp Review

I love that this modern desk lamp has an all-in-one feature of built-in universe phone charging dock, fast wireless charger and the reading lamp that has a nice angular shape. It can be rotated to swivel at your comfort level. This is a great advantage because it’s easy to pack. Obviously I use it at home, but I take it when I travel because I don’t have to bring a separate charger port for all my devices – it’s all in the lamp. 

This dimmable lamp also includes built-in motion sensor night light that turns ON when you enter a dark room and More! 3 different color modes and 10 levels of brightness! It’s sort of like my current one I got back in 2019, but the enhancements really are top notch.

Lumicharge LED Desk Lamp Review

What it also features, which my previous LED lamp didn’t, is a back light Clock LED displays time, date, temperature with alarm features. I also love the dimmable LED lighting so you can choose your brightness level and the different “modes” of color. So there’s flexibility in that. 

The other thing I love about that is that, yes, I do like different types of mood lights for different types of occasions. Some lights I’ve mistakenly bought in the past only have one setting, and it’s that very icky LED light glow. Having different shades of color light definitely makes reading better and it does enhance your own mood, depending on the color you choose.

Review: LumiCharge UD Lamp: Universal Phone Dock

Lumicharge Phone Charger review

LumiCharge Universal Phone Dock is perfect for travel. You’ll notice that more and more portal phone docks are becoming smaller and smaller, which makes it easier to travel with.

This portal phone dock has a wheel that rotates so you can charge any phone type. It’s compatible with iPhone, Samsung, all phones basically. Best of all, Lumicharge UD Universal Dock  lamp adjustable Qi Certified fast 10W wirelsss charger. The back port has a USB, so you can literally charge two devices at once.

Lumicharge Review

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