Soneva Fushi Maldives : Where Barefoot luxury Is Literal (Review)

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As soon as I got picked up by Soneva Fushi in the Maldives, the staff took away my flip flops. Point: No shoes — and I’m into it. This is the Maldives life, and it’s why I return again and again. We got so excited with Soneva Fushi, we will do a review in the next few weeks. For now, here’s a preview.

First, let’s get straight to it. Here’s our ultimate guide to the Maldives if you plan on traveling there soon. Travelbinger has visited and stayed possibly more than any other travel blogger out there, so our guide should help you plan. We also know how expensive Maldives is, so here’s our guide on how to afford the Maldives.

Our view from the second floor of our villa at Soneva Fushi.

Our view from the second floor of our villa at Soneva Fushi.

Now, after staying at dozens of properties in Maldives, it’s only right that I mention Soneva Fushi.

One of the older properties (more than 25 years), Soneva Fushi still bangs out a high-end, luxury experience, and it’s definitely five-star resort at its best. Think Cast Away but on a secluded, exotic island, and Tom Hanks if he were a jetsetting millionaire. While it’s extremely rustic and dated, that adds to the charm. Some times these older properties have more soul than the bling-y new ones.

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The surrounding reef here is still alive (unlike other islands), the kids club has a huge slide, it has an amazing outdoor cinema, gourmet food with a whole room dedicated to fine chocolate, a pampering spa, organic gardens, roaming bunny rabbits and Tilda Swinton every now and then (she loves it here).

Our massive outdoor bathroom.

Our massive outdoor bathroom.

My friends and I are booked in a two-bedroom villa, and this is our view. It’s properties like Soneva Fushi that make us want to write a review — everyone should be booking it.


For now, enjoy the pics, and I’ll be coming back with a bigger Soneva Fushi review. In the meantime, check out my full review of sister property Soneva Jani.

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