Road trip to North Carolina — Day 1 in Asheville!

Road trip with pets

After visiting my parents in Peachtree Corners, Georgia, my friend Daniel flew in from New Orleans to join me for a New Year’s road trip to North Carolina!


The drive took us about 4 hours (it’s generally about a 3-hour drive, but we stopped for food, and we also took a scenic backroad for about an hour).

Daniel and me driving to Asheville from Atlanta.

Our first stop is Asheville, which I haven’t visited in 6 years. For a small city, it’s changed so much since my last visit.

View of Asheville from Kimpton Arras.

I’ll be writing a full story on the destination as well as a full report on the new Kimpton Hotel Arras that opened in October 2019. Stay tuned!

Kimpton Hotel Arras lobby.
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