Road trip to North Carolina: Day 3 in Winston Salem

We’re on our New Years 2020 road trip through North Carolina, and after two amazing days in Asheville (aside from the speeding ticket!), we’re stopping in Winston Salem for a night.

Compared to Asheville, there’s less to see in Winston Salem, so we toured the city in a few hours. Winston Salem is a huge college town, but because it is a holiday week, nobody’s around! It feels like we have the entire city to ourselves.

Kimpton Cardinal Hotel

So far, one of our favorite highlights, aside from the Downtown Arts District, is Kimpton Cardinal hotel.

The website doesn’t do any justice. This hotel is *amazing* with tons of character. It’s stylish, historic and soulful, and I’m glad we can just chill out on property (Kimpton Cardinal has an amazing bar, restaurant and recreation room with bowling alley, slide and basketball!)

Kimpton Cardinal Guest Room

Stay tuned for a bigger story on both the hotel and the destination!



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