Senda Dil Dragun In Switzerland Is The World’s Largest Treetop Walk — Take A Look

world's largest treetop walk

The Senda dil Dragun in Switzerland’s Graubünden‘s Flims Laax region has become the world’s largest treetop walk in the world, according to the region.

The Senda dil Dragun, which translate to the “Way of the Dragon”, debuted this summer, and it connects the villages of Laax Murschetg and Laax Dorf with awe-inspiring views. The platform height can be reached via one of two access towers, with the 1.5-kilometer-long walkway circuit leading through the forest canopy at eye level with the treetops.

Senda Dil Dragun
Senda Dil Dragun

The treetop walk is more than a bridgeway. It offers a spiral slide for kids, four platforms with seating for amazing views, and a unique vantage point of the surrounding forest and mountain scenery for those who need to up their Instagram game. 

Take a look at photos.

Senda Dil Dragun
Photo: Philipp Ruggli

The treetop walk goes through the treets with amazing views of the Swiss mountains.

Treetop Walk Switzerland
Photo: Philipp Ruggli

Views are commanding in this region, no matter where you go.

Switzerland treetop walk
Photo: Philipp Ruggli

One of the great viewing platforms.

Treetop walk Switzerland platform

Take an look at the aerial view of the treetop walk, which is great for exercise and views.

Viewing platform treetop walk Switzerland
Photo: Philipp Ruggli

The platform is elevated and is a tourist attraction in itself.

Swiss bridge
Photo: Philipp Ruggli

There’s lots to do in the region.

FLIMS, Wanderung Alp Mora

The region is known for outdoor adventures. Guests can stay at the family-friendly Rocksresort, A Design Hotel, or the recently renovated Signina Hotel, a boutique hotel for travelers visiting the Grison Mountains. The Schauenstein Castle is now a hotel and offers a three-Michelin star fine dining experience helmed by acclaimed Swiss Chef Andreas Caminada.

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