SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review – Open-Ear Bluetooth Headphones Worth It?

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review

Bone conductor headphones are all the rage. In fact, more people are moving toward Bluetooth headphones where you don’t plug nobs directly into your ear, and you’ve likely seen more and more people wearing bone conductor headphones, such as SHOKZ OpenRun Pro (review).

I’m a headphones geek, and I’m always seeking the best of the best. I’m also concerned more about headphones that clog my ears, which turned me to bone SHOKZ, headphones that don’t go into your ear drum like standard headphones.

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review
SHOKZ OpenRun Pro headphones

The audio technology is when a transducer converts audio data to vibrations, which travel to the inner ear structure. It gets a lot more technical than that, but for simplicity sakes: it’s the future. In fact, headphones started with normal headphones that went over your head with what were like earmuffs as speakers. Then we went to earbuds/earpods for about a decade.

Now, the direction we’re headed is bone conductor. The most well known company is Shokz, and I gave Shokz OpenRun Pro 2023 (after trying AfterShokz Aeropex) a try. Here’s my SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review.

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review

As stated earlier, bone conduction is disrupting the headphone industry and it’s the future — and convenient. I don’t like to have earbuds in my ears. I prefer to have headphones, but it’s always a problem when at the gym or when I’m walking – they always fall off. Bone conductor headphones are perfect for anyone who want the convenience of open-ear comfort without sacrificing sound quality.

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review
SHOKZ OpenRun Pro bone conducting headphones


Bone conductor headphones are great for people going to the gym, going on a run, walking your dog, because you also hear everything around you based on the volume. These open-ear Bluetooth bonde conduction headphones are sweat resistant, perfect for anyone with any type of lifestyle. It has a great built-in mic and also comes with a hair band and four different colors.

For instance, with SHOKZ OpenRun Pro, I was able to hear someone calling my name from across the street (this is impossible if you’re wearing earbuds at full blast). I was able to hear the honking of a car running a red light while I was walking my dog.

With SHOKZ OpenRun Pro, you get 10 hours of music and calls, and it’s only a 5-minute quick charge for up to 1.5 hours of battery life. I have never run out of battery time on these headphones ever.

Connectivity to my Samsung Galaxy Ultra22 is seamless and takes 10 seconds. You can also see the battery level of the headphones on your screen.


The headband goes behind your head. SHOKZ OpenRun Pro (9th generation) has a lightweight, wraparound titanium frame that keeps the wireless headphones completely stable, and the audio rests right on your ear. The music or podcast you’re listening to goes directly into your ear through airwaves.

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro Review
Are SHOKZ OpenRun Pro the best bone conductor headphones?

Audio quality

The audio quality is great compared to Aftershokz Aeroplex, which had a snugger fit that I enjoyed. But the audio wasn’t as strong and crisp as I would have preferred. SHOKZ OpenRun Pro truly exceeds expectations. Two added bass enhancers really took these headphones to the next level.

However, in my opinion, they really could be louder. I like to turn my music up super loud. But I DO live in New York City. These headphones don’t drown out the thundering noise of a subway going over its track when you’re walking under its platform, or if you’re in a loud and crowded area. If I’m on a phone conversation, it’s the worst, but again, this is in NYC in very loud circumstances around me.

The other thing is if you’re at a gym blasting music. You will wish you had earbuds. Luckily, my new gym doesn’t blast techno music like my last gym.

Phone calls are perfect. I have never once had a problem with phone calls.

Otherwise, the audio is fine, but it could get two notches louder in my opinion.

SHOKZ OpenRun Pro
SHOKZ OpenRun Pro in box.


SHOKZ OpenRun Pro is durable, lightweight (you hardly realize you have it on) and extremely convenient. They are also IP55 water-resistant, which has been helpful when I’ve been caught in rain while walking my dog.


SHOKZ OpenRun Pro are (wait for it) the future, and it’s an excellent option for anyone who doesn’t want to clog up their ears. The only disadvantage is that I wish it were a little bit louder. Maybe that will come in Generation 10.

Buy SHOKZ OpenRun Pro here.

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