SOLO’s $18,500 Electric Vehicle Has 1 Seat and 3 Wheels — Review

Solo electric vehicle

The relatively new $18,500 SOLO electric vehicle has one seat and three wheels — and it’s available to order now.

SOLO, the single-occupancy, three-wheeled, all-electric vehicle by ElectraMeccanic, offers a truly innovative driving experience. With only 3 wheels, SOLO has the comfort of a regular passenger car, and the compact vehicle was created with the environmentally conscious consumer in mind considering its specs (zero noise, zero emission and zero time wasted at the pump) and vegan-friendly interior.

Solo electric vehicle

SOLO electric vehicle review

While SOLO electric vehicle has more safety features than a motorcycle, it is interestingly registered as a motorcycle (though in most states, you do not need a motorcycle license to drive it or wear a helmet, according to the company, and 37 states currently allow a standard drivers license). Also, it’s more future-forward than a motorcycle with zero noise and emission and all the technological bells and whistles of a car.  

SOLO has a range of 100 miles on 1 charge, with a top speed of 80 mph. It can go 0 to 60 mph in 10 seconds. The vehicle charges full under 4 hours (220V) and has the ability to charge on common electric outlets (120V).

Solo electric vehicle

The 1 seat vehicle has all the comforts of a typical passenger vehicle including remote keyless entry, power steering and brakes, power windows and mirrors, air conditioning/heated seat, Bluetooth entertainment system w/ USB and LCD Digital Instrument Cluster as well as numerous safety and drivability upgrades including front and rear crumple zones, side impact protection, roll bar, wide front track for enhanced drivability and torque-limiting control.

Exterior features include rear view backup camera, LED headlamps, daytime running lights and heated exterior mirrors and is available in (3) distinct colors: Electric Red, Raven Black, and Arctic White. 

Solo electric vehicle

SOLO electric vehicle is intended for those who drive alone for the majority of their commutes. In the US alone, 76% of people drive passenger vehicles solo during daily commute averaging 16 miles each way, according to the company, as well as solo jaunts for grocery runs, gyms, errands and more. This leaves 3-5 seats empty. To go the same number of miles in a SOLO costs 2x less than a standard car with zero emissions and zero sound. 

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SOLO is perfect for solo travelers looking to travel regionally for staycations, which has risen sharply during Covid-19, since the interior space has ample room for a single occupant as well as 5 cubic ft. of cargo space, and doors on both sides of the vehicle, the left and right, give the driver options to enter and exit.

SOLO electric vehicle is purpose built because it a solution for not only solo commuters, but for utility/fleet deliveries who are usually driving alone and shared mobility (i.e. Zip car, security guards, etc). 

Solo electric vehicle

As we’ll eventually do a review, the SOLO electric vehicle is competitively priced (upfront costs are significantly less than other luxury EV’s), with lower operating and maintenance cost than traditional ICE vehicles, according to the company. Similar to Tesla, Solo is sold direct-to-consumer via online or at retail locations in CA, AZ and OR.

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