Starting Today, Masks Are Mandatory On All Domestic Flights And Airports

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On his first day as President Of The United States, on January 20, 2021, President Joe Biden signed an executive order mandating mask wearing on federal property, including all domestic airports and flights. The federal mask mandate for airplane and airport travel goes into affect today, January 26, 2021.

united covid-19 test
United Airlines.

As part of Biden’s “100 Days Masking Challenge,” the federal mask mandate for all airplane and airport travel is a stark contrast from the Trump Administration, who left the airlines battling unruly passengers and possible Covid-19 transmissions aboard flights.

Now, travelers as well as flight crew have a little extra peace of mind when they travel on a flight from now until April 30, 2021 (when the 100 Day Challenge will end). During this time, masks must be worn on all domestic flights and at all domestic airports.

There are no exceptions.

The mask mandate on all airplanes and airports is definitely going to have an impact on how we travel for the better, and it will also possibly help the curbing of Covid-19 transmission.

When Will Lockdown End
Wear a mask!

However, what isn’t clear with the new federal mask mandate is the penalty if you do not wear a mask.

At this point, we know consequences for not wearing a mask has had passengers banned from airlines that forced a mask mandate. Now, only time will tell on what the federal government will do to passengers who violate and break the new law. It could be a fine, a passenger ban, or it could be jail time.

At press time, there have been no updates on what any penalty for mask mandate violation will be.

Key West Airport Robot
Mike Price, an infection prevention specialist with iP Program, walks and programs an ultraviolet light-emitting robot at Key West International Airport

What do you think will happen to passengers who defy the new mandatory mask mandate on airplanes and airports? Let us know in comments below.

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