Sweden Opened “World’s Largest Open-Air Bar” In The Middle Of Swedish Nature

Sweden worlds largest outdoor bar

Sweden, ranked the world’s most sustainable tourism destination, just opened “the world’s largest, outdoor, socially distanced bar” in Swedish nature.

The outdoor bar experience, “Drinkable Country,” features a combination of ready-made beverages that reflect local nature and produce alongside drinks that visitors can mix themselves with ingredients found in the surroundings based on recipes provided by Sweden’s foremost beverage experts, according to Visit Sweden. When booking a Drinkable Country experience, guests will have the opportunity to explore the area with local guides while collecting and mixing the ingredients, and then enjoy the various drinks. The DIY recipes allow visitors to explore Swedish nature through the country’s 100 million-acre pantry of fruit, berries, vegetables, and crystal-clear spring water.

Sweden outdoor bar
Visit Sweden.

The 16 tables of Sweden’s outdoor bar are placed in Swedish Lapland, Stockholm Archipelago, the High Coast, Dalarna, Gävleborg, Sörmland, Värmland, Västsverige, Småland, Halland, Skåne and Gotland. These locations mark iconic Swedish landscapes, from the wild forest in the north to the white sandy beaches of the south and the archipelagos on the east and west coast. Every region has one drink menu that reflects the ingredients and resources found in that area.


The recipes have been developed in collaboration with four different beverage experts, each of whom has been given the responsibility to represent different regions in Sweden, according to Visit Sweden.

Sweden outdoor bar
Visit Sweden

Rebecka Lithander, who represents southern Sweden, has experience from two-Michelin-star restaurant Daniel Berlin, where she raised the non-alcohol drink packages to the same high level as the food. The tables on the west coast are represented by Bar Bruno, a local gem of a cocktail bar; while on the east coast, Tjoget bar will compose the drink menu. Emil Åreng, a nationally and internationally acclaimed bartender and author of the world’s best cocktail book in 2016, represents the northern part of Sweden.

The Edible Country’ is an initiative from Visit Sweden to highlight the natural and healthy pantry that Swedish nature has to offer. The menu suggestions of the do-it-yourself dining experiences are co-created with four of Sweden’s top chefs: Titti Qvarnström, Niklas Ekstedt, Anton Bjuhr and Jacob Holmström. The dishes are created with inspiration from Sweden’s varied landscape and shifting seasons. The initiative is an open invitation for everyone to experience the Swedish ‘close-to-nature’ lifestyle, and add-on services, such as your very own personal guide or chef and a basket with the necessary ingredients to create the drinks or cook the recipes outdoors, are available.

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