The Best House Sitting Apps for Travelers

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House sitting has become an increasingly popular way for travelers to find affordable and unique places to stay around the world. Essentially caring for pets, gardens, and other chores in exchange for free stays.

There are quite a few apps that link sitters and homeowners, each with their own unique angle. Finding the right one can change the game for your travel experience.

Whether you’re looking for weekend jaunt or a few month change of scenery, there’s a house sitting app out there for you.

TrustedHousesitters: The Most Popular House Sitting App

Trusted House Sitters House Sitting App for Travlers

Best for: Those seeking traditional house sitting opportunities with plenty of options and strong security.

TrustedHousesitters is a massive global family of over 180,000 members. Whether you’re dreaming of a city break or a secluded countryside retreat, they’ve got options.  Their thorough verification process means both homeowners and sitters can chill out knowing everything’s secure. Plus, their platform is super user-friendly, so finding and applying for your next adventure is a breeze. Sure, it might be a tad pricier, but for access to this huge community, it could be worth it.


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Nomador: House Sitting for Starters

Nomador House Sitting App for Travelers

Best for: Adventurous travelers who want unique, affordable opportunities.

With Nomador, you can start with a free basic membership, which is awesome for checking out listings without spending a dime. And they’ve got some unique spots to stay, like helping out on farms or chilling in eco-villages. It’s perfect if you’re into more offbeat adventures. Plus, you get to chat directly with homeowners, which adds this nice personal vibe to the whole experience.


HouseCarers: For Longterm Home Care

House Carers House Sitting App for Travelers

Best for: Responsible travelers who prioritize cultural immersion and long stays.

This one is perfect if you’re into the long haul kind of adventures. Think house sitting for weeks, even months! HouseCarers is pretty serious about who they let in, so there’s this thorough vetting thing going on, which is pretty reassuring, right? You might find fewer listings compared to other apps, but it’s your ticket to places that aren’t swamped with tourists.

MindMyHouse: A House Sitting Match Maker

Mind My House House Sitting App for Traverlers

Best for: Those who want an extra level of personalized attention and reliability.

MindMyHouse is kind of like having your own personal matchmaker. They actually pair you up with homeowners, so it’s not just scrolling through endless listings. They hand-pick these spots, and a lot of them are for longer stays, which is great if you’re looking to really settle in somewhere. But, they do have stricter rules for who can be a sitter. This means the community’s a bit smaller and the membership’s on the pricier side.

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HouseSit Match: Unique House Sitting Options

House Sit Match House sitting app for travelers

Best for: Beginner house sitters and those seeking flexibility and affordability.

HouseSit Match has a variety of stays from farms to cabins. And, you can pick either a free membership or go for their paid monthly/annual options.

Their platform is super user-friendly and totally newbie-friendly. Community forums, where you can swap stories and tips with other sitters, is great for getting started. Since this app’s pretty popular, you might find there’s a bit more competition for those really cool listings.


Other House Sitting Apps

In addition to the major dedicated platforms, there are some other unique apps that offer house sitting capabilities mixed with different features.  While less comprehensive as dedicated house sitting, these platforms offer unique combinations of pet care, local convenience, community connections, and volunteer experiences alongside basic home and pet care duties.

Rover is pet sitting app that also has house sitting

Rover pet and house sitting app for travelers

Rover is mainly a pet sitting app, but they let sitters do these “Overnight Stays” where you look after pets and the house for up to 24 hours. It’s super ideal if you’re into more casual, local gigs, and you’re a bit of an animal lover. The community on there is pretty big, lots of fellow sitters to connect with. Plus, their booking system is really straightforward, which is a huge plus for convenience. It’s not really the go-to for long-term house sitting stuff. It’s more for those quick, pet-focused stays.

Pawshake is a house sitting app too

Pawshake pet and house sitting app for travelers

Pawshake also has house sitting options geared to short-term gigs where you can look after pets and houses right in your own neighborhood. Perfect for a little change of scenery!

Worldpackers is a house sitting and volunteering combo

Worldpackers house sitting and volunteer app for travelers

Worldpakers mixes house sitting with volunteer projects all over the globe. You get to use your skills to help out with some really meaningful causes. And in return? You score free accommodation and a chance to soak up the local culture. It’s such a unique way to see the world and actually make a difference while you’re at it.

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The Best House Sitting Apps for Travelers

So, with all these different house sitting platforms out there, there’s pretty much something for every kind of traveler. When you’re picking the one that’s right for you, think about stuff like how their memberships work, how they check out sitters and homeowners, what kind of sitting gigs they’ve got, and what their community vibe is like. And don’t forget to check out reviews from other users.

Once you find the app that clicks with you, you’re all set. You’ll be on your way to discovering some unique places to stay and cool new experiences. House sitting can open up a whole new world of travel adventures!

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