The Ultimate Jungle Adventure Trips You Can Have Right Now

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Thankfully, for people with a passion for travel, there are quite literally thousands of worthwhile destinations to explore given the accessibility we have to pretty much every corner of the globe nowadays. Whether you want to frequent a high-end hotel in a major city or you’re keen to immerse yourself in a remote jungle environment, it’s possible. In fact, an increasing amount of people are breaking away from swanky resorts and exploring a rural location with a jungle adventure. Here are the ultimate jungle adventure trips.

jungle adventure trip
Jungle adventures in Congo.

Of course, these types of jungle-themed holidays aren’t for everyone. They do appeal to a lot of modern-day holidaymakers, though, particularly thanks to documentaries like Our Planet – an option that provides a look at jungle life and enable people to gain an insight into what a jungle-themed vacation could look like.

Jungles have been intriguing people for centuries anyway, but today, they’re certainly more accessible given the notable improvements around travel infrastructure in many foreign territories.

Nowadays, people who love animals and want to explore a wild environment are filled with exciting opportunities that are capable of providing them with memories for life. If you’re keen to embark on a similar escapade, then below is a look at just some of the most popular destinations in this area that could provide you with the best jungle adventure trip of a lifetime.

The Amazon is at the top of most peoples’ lists

As you might expect given its world-famous name, the Amazon is a destination that most holidaymakers in this area consider. Spanning nine countries, this vast and vibrant rainforest is the biggest of them all and plays a vital role in Earth’s fight against climate change. Also home to hundreds of amazing creatures, an adventure to the Amazon is hard to beat. The most biodiverse rainforest in the world is glorious, with guided tours and unique accommodation options on offer.

For example, you can visit the Napo Wildlife Centre, a remote eco-lodge, and spend three days exploring these tranquil waterways that are filled with life. Alternatively, you might prefer to venture deep into the jungle and see snakes, spiders, and an abundance of other creatures that are associated with the most famous jungle in existence. A trip that certainly isn’t for the faint-hearted, you can see it all in the Amazon.

jungle adventure trips

The Congo is off the beaten track for a jungle adventure trip

If the Amazon doesn’t appeal, then the Congo might. Located in the heart of Africa, exploring this truly amazing continent is worth doing anyway, but even more so if you can supplement it with a deep journey through the Congo. A jungle adventure that is truly off the beaten track; it’s impossible not to enjoy being immersed in this wild landscape that hasn’t had many outside visitors before. Gorillas are particularly prominent here, with people coming from all over the world to catch a rare glimpse of these magnificent animals. Also home to plenty of other wildlife, the Congo’s offering is certainly more unique than an Amazon-themed escapade, making it a standout attraction for many holidaymakers in this category. Offering wild accommodation options as you stay with local people and are guided by knowledgeable tour operators, a jungle-themed adventure to the Congo is definitely worth looking into.

Other destinations to consider

While we’ve highlighted the Amazon and the Congo, they aren’t the only viable jungle adventure trip destinations to consider. In fact, there are so many that warrant a visit. For example, Sumatra is home to an extensive collection of tigers and elephants, while the Pantanal’s birdlife is staggering and you might even see a jaguar if you’re lucky.

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