This 4-Week Wine Trip To Italy Has a 350+ Waiting List — Take A Look

Sojrn Italy trip

A new, organized wine trip to Italy proves that people are ready to travel again — and really immerse in the destination. In fact, the recently launched Wine in Italy Sojrn, a 4-week wine trip to Italy, has a 350+ waiting list, which is not all that surprising. This trip allows you to spend an entire month in Tuscany, living and working remotely while you learn about wine.

Sojrn italy trip
Photo Credit Anny Richey

Th wine trip to Italy is brought to you by Sojrn, a new brand launched during the pandemic by travel entrepreneur Tara Cappel, which combines immersive stays with experiential learning. The company hosts month-long programs that allow people to have a mini live-abroad experience while working remotely and learning something new (kind of like a study abroad for adults.) in places all over the world with a group of like-minded adults.

The details for the wine trip to Italy include:

  • Dates: October 3 – Oct 30, 2021
  • Duration: 4 weeks
  • Price is between $3,899 and $5,799 for a private room. The final price depends on accommodation selection.
  • Max of 40 participants
  • Included activities (one per week)

o Personal taste profile session with professional sommelier

o Day on a vineyard learning about winemaking

o Wine Pairing picnic in the Tuscan hills

o Workshop on reading a wine label and ordering off a wine menu

  • Weekly happy hour wine-tasting at a local wine bar + other local “ins”
  • There is also a local host that helps you get settled in and is always available to help with any issues
  • You’re connected to the other participants through an online portal
  • Flights and meals are not included
sojrn italy trip
Photo Credit Anny Richey

Sorjn’s pre-released list of destinations and themes, called Chapters, includes Spanish Language in Medellin, Technology in Tokyo, Winemaking in Tuscany, and Surf & Sustainability in Costa Rica. The brand recently began accepting pre-applications and they’ve already received enough interest to fill multiple Chapters. Each Chapter allows 40 participants, and with pent up travel demand from 2020, they anticipate spots filling up quickly.

Because each Chapter takes up to 40 participants, travelers have a built-in community in each destination to explore, connect, and network with. Sojrn also makes it easy to work remotely, guaranteeing a solid wifi connection, access to a fully-equipped co-working space, and best practices for remote work. They will also offer a range of accommodation options and provide a local host to organize events and help with any needs.

Make sure you get the 411 on Tuscany with the Michelin Green Guide!

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