This Company Helps Travelers Go On Vacation Now — And Pay It Off Later

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Uplift, a Buy Now, Pay Later solution, is rivaling credit cards in the travel space. The company partners with over 150 brands — from airlines to resort chains — to help travelers book vacations and pay later through personalized, flexible payment options.  

Unlike credit cards, Uplift lets consumers know exactly how much they owe each month and when the trip will be paid off.  Most credit cards charge a late fee when a payment due date is missed. With Uplift, there is never a late fee and there are no prepayment penalties. Also, Uplift charges only simple interest while credit cards charge compounding interest, though some brands offer ‘interest free’ promotions, like Dream Resorts and Carnival.

Uplift airline partners.

Uplift’s flexible payment options are available for purchases as low as $100. As an example of how the installment pricing works: instead of paying $300 upfront for airfare, a customer can book their flight today with $0 down and travel anytime, and spread the cost of their trip over 11 monthly payments of $29 each.

Customers can use Uplift with renowned travel brands like Carnival Cruise Line, Kayak, United and Southwest Airlines, the most recent partner, joining 15 other airline partners.  Uplift is seamlessly integrated into the booking process for a frictionless customer experience. Customers will see the total cost of their trip at the time of booking along with the monthly payment amount, letting them take control of their budget and experience the travel that they deserve.

Uplift resort partners.

“Southwest Airlines is one of America’s most beloved airlines, with a strong brand reputation based on a spirit of freedom and empowering customers with affordable travel,” Brian Barth, CEO of Uplift, said in a statement. “For travelers who already appreciate the low fares and world-renowned hospitality that Southwest is known for, the payment flexibility of Uplift’s Buy Now, Pay Later solutions will be another addition to Southwest’s customer-friendly offerings.”

Uplift payment plan

During the Pandemic – Uplift has grown its network of travel partners 125% working with some of the most well-known names in travel including: Carnival (the #1 cruise line in the world), United Airlines, Air Canada, Allegiant Air, Frontier Airlines, and Universal to name a few.

Uplift offers consumers a way to get traveling today, Allegiant Air and Carnival are offering special promotions of interest free with Uplift to entice travelers.

In the month of March 2021, Uplift experienced its highest booking month in the company’s history. Overall bookings via Uplift are up more than 60% from 4th quarter of 2020 to the first quarter of 2021.

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