This Is The Safest Airline To Fly During Covid-19 — Take A Look

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U.S. airlines have been taking to the sky during the coronavirus pandemic, and many have taken plenty of safety precautions for their customers. However, there’s a great number of airlines that have been deceiving passengers, not enforcing social distancing and allowing passengers take off masks mid-flight. The new gimmick is offering Covid-19 tests (up to $250) to avoid the 14-day quarantine in select destinations. So what is the safest airline to fly during Covid-19?

After carefully reviewing airline policies during Covid-19, as well as negative social media blasts from passengers who have been shaming airlines for endangerment, Travelbinger recommends Delta Air Lines as the safest airline to fly in the United States.

safest airline to fly during covid-19
Delta flight ready to board.

Airlines project to lose up to $252 billion in revenue this year due to coronavirus. As a result, many airlines have gone in panic mode. They have sought ways to cram flights with passengers (even though U.S airlines received a major bailout of $25 billion due to the stimulus). Delta was leading the pack of airlines in terms of safety from the get-go.

In March, not only did Delta fly medical workers to COVID-19 hot spots for free, the airline extended its refund policy for up to two years for passengers. It extended elite status for all Premium members through 2021, and donated 200,000 pounds of food to hospitals and food banks.

But, most importantly, and proving Delta is truly concerned about safety onboard, Delta was the first airline to block middle seats on all flights to practice safe social distancing. While many other airlines decided to also block middle seats, it was temporary. Many airlines recently lifted that rule, including United and American Airlines, both of which say they will now fly at full occupancy in a time when COVID-19 cases are skyrocketing throughout America. Delta is one of two airlines (Alaska and JetBlue) still blocking middle seats. This makes Delta one of the safest airlines to fly right now during COVID-19.

Delta has been strict on its mask policy. All passengers must wear face masks onboard, and Delta has been hard on that rule, making passengers feel safe. Delta also discontinued food and beverage service on its flights to minimize interaction between passengers and flight crew. However, they have returned to the service and have stated they will monitor this service closely.

Airline covid-19 test positive flight crew
Empty Delta flight.

In June, Delta confirmed 500 staff tested positive for coronavirus, and Delta’s CEO Ed Bastian stated publicly it will test all of its 90,000 staff to ensure safety. No other airline has issued a protocol to test all airline members.

While it is possible for *anyone* to contract COVID-19 by taking a flight, Delta is proving to do more than competition airlines, like United and American Airlines. Both airlines have been in hot water for allowing passengers to take masks off flights, not maintaining social distancing on seats and filling flights to capacity.

Along with Delta, JetBlue and Alaska are two other airlines going above and beyond to ensure the safety of guests. There have been no negative reports of cramming flights or bad passenger behavior aboard their flights in recent weeks.

*This story has been updated.

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