This Live Tracker Will Show Tourist Attractions That Are Open During Covid-19

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Covid-19 upended the travel industry, which is projected to lose $2 trillion in revenue in 2020. Now, airports are seeing a slight uptick in passengers, and travelers are hitting the road more than ever because it’s safer.

Travelers in general are still being careful moving forward with vacations this summer, and as more destinations start to reopen their economies, this company is providing a live tracker that shows countries and tourist attractions that are open. 

Tourist Attraction Open

HeadOut is tracking major tourist attractions around the world, monitoring the destination’s lockdown rules, as well as any travel restrictions and rules travelers should know.


In the live tracker, travelers can see a list of popular countries and their updated policies regarding lockdown status, international travel restrictions, visa rules as well as the current number of Covid-19 cases. The table also links to official government websites to find further information that’s not answered here. 

The website also has a handy tracker of major tourist attractions. The live-status tracker shows what attractions are open in real time. 

HeadOut Live Tracker

For example, if you’re going to Paris, you can see whether some of the top attractions are open or not, like Eiffel Tower and Louvre Museum. The tracker also notes any safety measures, how to buy tickets, and any restrictions you could encounter on your visit. 

While the travel industry won’t see a strong return for years to come, people still need to get on the road, whether a short distance from their home or a far-flung journey, as long as they know the requirements to travel safely. 

Here’s a 9-step guide to travel safely during Covid-19, and remember to use the live tracker to see if tourist attractions are open in the destination you’re traveling to.

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