Three Ways You Can Totally Kill Coronavirus At Home

Coronavirus is a virus that nobody wants to catch, but everyone wants to kill.

And you can successfully do this in your own home if you’re smart about prevention.

I live in Manhattan, a 23-square-mile island with nearly 2 million residents. We literally live on top of each other, and when we’re quarantined inside, the small streets are still busy with delivery workers, joggers (jogging and running is the new manspreading), mothers with baby carriages… the list goes on It’s no question why there are 106,673 coronavirus cases in New York City (as of April 13).

As a New Yorker, and like others I know, we go to extreme measures to protect ourselves. Many friends I speak to on a regular basis, those who live in more spread out places, like Atlanta, Los Angeles, Asheville, etc, have just as much chances to get sick, but they have constantly asked me what I do to protect myself seeing that New Yorkers have to take protection to an extreme level. 

That said, here are three ways I take an extra step to ensure coronavirus does not come into my home. While I can’t see coronavirus, I know I’m doing my best to kill it. 

1. I wipe down my shoes, and Ruby’s feet, before entering my apartment.

Wipe your dogs feet during coronavirus pandemic. You’ll be happy you did.

A recent report published in the federal agency’s Emerging Infectious Disease journal shows that coronavirus spreads on people’s shoes. 

“Half of the samples from the soles of the ICE medical staff shoes tested positive,” according to researchers who took samples of doctors’ shoes at Huoshenshan Hospital in Wuhan, China. 

Thankfully, I have been taking off my shoes at my front door for weeks. Not only do I take off my shoes and leave them in the hallway of my apartment building, I wipe down the bottom of the shoes with disinfectant if I leave, just in case. Every time. 

While the CDC has not received any reports of dogs being sick with coronavirus, I still wipe Ruby’s feet before entering the apartment for my sake. You can’t take any risks at this point.

2. I blast the humidifier, known to combat coronavirus.

Use a humidifier during coronavirus pandemic.

In a report by Popular Mechanic, Carl Fichtenbaum, an infectious disease specialist and professor of clinical medicine at the University of Cincinnati, said that a humidifier is a good way to practice good hygiene (in addition to hand-washing and other measures) but he also noted the virus doesn’t do well with humidity. 

“COVID-19 can survive in the environment with a humidity somewhere between 20-40 percent,” he said. “When humidity gets to be around 60-80 percent, the virus has trouble with survival. Coronaviruses, in general, do not do well with upwards of 40 percent humidity, so one suggestion is to consider using a humidifier though this may only work in a smaller space.”

For more reasons why a humidifier helps during coronavirus pandemic, click here. 

Personally, I use a Levoit humidifier from Amazon, but it’s pricey at $94. It has several humidity and mist levels (including warm and cold), a sensor gauge that determines humidity level, as well as a remote control. I refill the water once a week (as opposed to once a day for many humidifiers), and I keep this humidifier on the table next to my bed. It’s perfect for a small space, like my bedroom.

If you wish to purchase it, you can click the banner below.

3. I disinfect every surface—even my tongue. 

I don’t take any chances. 

While it’s still hard to find hand sanitizer and disinfectant wipes in New York City, I was fortunate to have some cleaners in my home already. I try to use them sparingly, but still a considerable amount to wipe out any coronavirus. I use Lysol disinfectant room spray and Clorox Cleaner and Bleach, both of which you can buy at Walgreens. Walgreens delivers to your home, so click the banner below to order cleaning products. 

Weekly Deals from Walgreens

Speaking of deliveries, I haven’t had anything delivered yet, but when I do, you can bet I’ll wipe every single product down and throw away the bags they come in. 

Sometimes after I take Ruby outside, if I kiss her head when we return, I gurgle with mouthwash or gin. 

Am I being too dramatic? Overly protective? 


Especially since I read stories like this every day (in that link, you’ll see that a North Carolina woman stayed home for 3 weeks and still got coronavirus, thinking it possibly came from a delivery she had). 


4. I use a massage gun to help oxygen and blood flow.

Hypervolt helps ease stress and anxiety during coronavirus pandemic.

Stress and anxiety continues to grow with the pandemic, and while this pointer may not kill coronavirus, it helps reduce the stress knots you could get.

I have a Hypervolt, and I recommend this massage therapy device for many reasons. One, massages release endorphins. The pleasure center of your brain is activated, and you feel great. Obviously you can’t go out and get a massage right now, so this is second best.

Secondly, it helps blood and oxygen flow in your body. Why is this important? Because if you’re being quarantined at home, you’re moving less, possibly bingewatching TV or sitting at your computer reading news all day. The massage therapy device will help blood and oxygen circulate throughout your body.

Hypervolt is normally $349 but you can get it on sale for $299 with my link. I’ve also used Theragun (I have back issues, so I had to try them both, and Hypervolt won).

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Naturally, the best way to kill coronavirus? Continue to quarantine and social distance. I hope everyone is staying safe and healthy. See you on the other side!

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