Top 10 Places You Must See While Visiting the Balkans

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Europe is known for its stunning tourist destination. Moreover, this precious gem tucked in Southeast Europe has a lot to offer to every kind of traveller. From beautiful natural sceneries, diverse cultures, rich history to luxurious resorts and restaurants, a trip to the Balkans is sure to give you what you are looking for. So, while you are visiting southeast Europe, specifically the Balkans, here are 10 places in the Balkans you mustn’t miss.

Top 10 Places You Must See While Visiting the Balkans

The Pellumbas Cave (Albania)

This archaeological site is located near the village of Pellumbas, which is just 45 minutes from Tirana. From there, you can enjoy a 2 km walk up the trail that is a scene to behold, with cascading mountainside and Erzen River down below. Bring out the adventurer in your while exploring the inside of the dark cave with torches. Enjoy the marvellous stalactites and stalagmites inside the cave. If you are lucky, you can spot bats flying around too. Just remember to wear appropriate shoes and clothes for hiking, as the cave is damp.

Constanta (Romania)

If you are a beach lover, this beautiful city in Romania is one that you don’t want to miss. It is located on the shores of the popular Black Sea. This gives you a chance to enjoy the best of the surrounding black sea beaches. The magnificent sunrise over the beautiful sea isn’t only worthy of waking up early, but also picturesque and worth sharing with the world.

Skopje (North Macedonia)

This is the capital of Macedonia, popularly known for its rich history following the Roman, Ottoman and Byzantine rule. If you are a history lover, the historic attractions such as Tvrdina Fortress and the Archaeological Museum of Macedonia will fulfill your curiosity. The city is also known for the best restaurants and foods. Enjoy the best beef kebabs and grilled bread as you catch up with people at home.

Plovdiv (Bulgaria)

The second largest city in Bulgaria and one of the most beautiful cities you will ever visit. Plovdiv is located along the Maritsa River and is built on six hills. One of the popular tourist activities in the city is climbing these hills. Have the best view of the city from the top of Nebet Tepe or Bunardzik Tepe. If you are up for some entertainment, performances by the Plovdiv Opera at the Ancient Theatre will make your nights. This makes it one of our top 10 places in Balkans.

Plitvice Lakes National Park (Croatia)

This park hosts some of the most breathtaking natural landmarks in the country. The scenic beauty of the turquoise colored lakes is unforgettable, not forgetting the amazing waterfalls and the lush greenery that are picturesque. Remember to visit in the low season for you to enjoy the fresh air and get an unobstructed view of these features. The park’s beauty isn’t just confined to its land. Many travelers, while in the region, can take the Elegance Croatia cruises by Sail Croatia to gain a broader perspective of the Balkan’s coastal allure. This allows visitors to witness the delicate balance between the rugged terrains and the gentle embrace of the sea. From the gentle sway of a boat, the merging horizons of land and water offer a tranquil and contemplative experience, adding another layer to the Balkan’s rich tapestry of landscapes.

Ljubljana (Slovenia)

This city lies along the Ljubljana River. It is often ranked as the most beautiful city in Eastern Europe owing to its fairy-tale beauty. Ljubljana gives travellers a little bit of everything. History and art lovers can have a taste of the city’s artistry and history in the art galleries and museums. For entertainment, the city hosts charming cafes and hip bars that offer the best foods, drinks and entertaining nightlife.

Durmitor National Park (Montenegro)

This is another stunning natural beauty to see in the Balkans. This park stretches across the Durmitor Mountain Range and east along the Tara River, which is home to Europe’s deepest gorge. This park hosts 48 peaks that go as high as 8,300 feet. There are multiple trails to get you at the top of the plateau. And, if you want to cool off from the hike, there is an ice cave with icy stalagmites and stalactites waiting for you.

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Durres (Albania)

This second-largest city in Albania has a good mix of rich history and sandy beaches. The city hosts a huge Roman amphitheatre and a 9th century church. Get to see artifacts drawn from the Greek, Roman and Hellenistic era at the Archaeological museum. If you crave for some sand, head to the Durres beach for a feel of its unique sand.

Blagaj (Bosnia & Herzegovina)

This little town is less known to tourists as compared to Mostar, but is one of the beautiful spots to visit especially for a family vacation. The village is surrounded by lush green hills and has mild weather. It is also less busy, which makes it the perfect destination if you want to escape the busyness of Mostar. Of the most popular places to see is the Blagaj Tekija. This Sufi monastery is built into a cliff.

Elafonisi (Crete)

Elafonisi beaches located in Crete Island are a must see in the Balkans. The shallow and warm waters make it a perfect destination for kids. Moreover, if you are into water sports, you can enjoy kayaking, stand-up paddleboarding and windsurfing and more. Away from the sand, sun and water, you can take a hike on path E4 from Paleochora to Elafonisi.


There is so much to see and do when visiting the Balkans. The region boasts of the most beautiful natural landmarks in Europe, ranging from caves, green hills, beautiful lakes, rivers and sandy beaches. Before you end your trip to the Balkans, ensure to explore the above exquisite places for a trip that you will never forget.

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