Top 5 Travel Safety Tips Everyone Should Know

Worrying about security is the least fun part of any trip you plan. In fact, nobody likes to vacation with eyes in the back of their head, or worrying about their safety and comfort. To help you out and allow you to truly enjoy your getaway, we prepared a list of the best practices that can help you stay safe on your next trip. Here are our top 5 travel safety tips everyone should know — and act upon!

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Top 5 travel safety tips everyone should know

1.   Keep your family and friends updated

Even a video chat will help you stay connected.

Your friends and family probably expect you to keep them updated and regularly send photos to share your most exciting moments. Alongside that, keep them informed on your plans and email them your itinerary before leaving. This way, they’ll know where you’re supposed to be, and if anything happens, you have better chances of getting help faster. Send them the exact address of your accommodation and attractions you plan to visit and send regular updates on your activities.

2.   Take care of your tech

Bringing gadgets on your trip can put you at a higher risk of getting mugged since tech tends to be a desirable target for thieves. The best advice is to bring only essentials and keep them well-protected. Never put your gadgets in a suitcase because if your luggage gets damaged during a security check, your beloved tech is also likely to get broken. Purchase a sturdy case or a pouch that you can use to put all your tech essentials together and keep an eye on it at all times.

3.   Research what clothes to bring

Since we like to have outfit choices, we often tend to overpack for our trips. To avoid this, layer your clothes and check the weather forecast for the destination you’re visiting. Also, familiarize yourself with the dress code of the country you’re visiting to avoid violating clothing laws and any inconveniences. For instance, Islamic countries have strict dress codes, and you’re expected to dress more conservatively there, while synagogues require men to wear obligatory head coverings. This is important, and it’s why it’s one of our top 5 travel safety tips.

4.   Reach out to your bank before going abroad

Delta Terminal 4 / JFK
Delta Terminal 4 / JFK

You’re not obligated to contact your bank or credit card company before leaving the country, but it can help you avoid unnecessary hassle. If your bank spots a transaction from an unfamiliar location, they may see it as a potential security threat and block your future transactions. Letting your bank know where and how long you’re staying there can help your trip go much smoother. Many mobile banking apps now have travel alerts you can set up to notify your bank about upcoming travel, but if you don’t have this feature, don’t hesitate to call your bank and let them know about your plans.

5.   Check food and water safety

Food and water safety is important and one of our top 5 travel safety tips

Since food poisoning is probably not on your trip itinerary, ensure you’re acquainted with the country’s food and water safety standards. If you have any food allergies or sensitivities, translate the terms to the local language to ensure you can efficiently explain them to the waiter. Also, if you don’t want to risk food poisoning but don’t want to rely on McDonald’s for your meals, eat at popular places with good reviews from international visitors, watch how your food is prepared if you can, and remember that fully cooked food is always the safest option. Furthermore, research if the tap water is safe to drink and check for alternative solutions if not.


Keeping an eye on your security is essential while traveling. However, ensure you’re not obsessing over potential threats and enjoying your trip in full swing.

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