The 3 Top Lithuania Attractions That Millennials Love

Lithuania in Eastern Europe may be known for Medieval towns, sprawling nature and beer — and now capital Vilnius has been deemed the 5th coolest neighborhood in the world — but the scenic destination has plenty of undiscovered gems, and there are three top Lithuania attractions you’ll love if you’re a millennial or Gen-Z (or even Gen X!).

Travelers, especially millennials, love Lithuania because it’s off the beaten path, cheap and quirky, but the growing art scene is taking root. Art lovers and culture junkies alike make a beeline to the country’s three coolest open-air art attractions that fly under the radar.

Check out the top 3 Lithuania attractions that culture-hungry and art-loving millennials love

1. Open Gallery in Vilnius

©Go Vilnius. Open Gallery
©Go Vilnius. Open Gallery

Created by LOFTAS—an active cultural venue in Lithuania—the Open Gallery is an international outdoor street art project in the country’s capital. It’s so hip, there’s little about it to research in Google.

©Go Vilnius. Open Gallery 5
©Go Vilnius. Open Gallery

Open Gallery, an interdisciplinary and cultural initiative, serves two purposes: presenting urban culture in an original way and also creatively repurposing Vilnius’ former abandoned industrial territories for new life. Expect tons of colorful street art and murals, as buildings serve as canvases.

©Go Vilnius. Open Gallery

With the style of artworks varying from psychedelic to hyper-realistic, spooky to awe-inspiring, the stimulating and immersive experience is a magnet to millennials who love and appreciate art, as well as other forms of visual storytelling.

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2. Yard Gallery in Kaunas

© Gintaras Vitulskis. Yard Gallery in Kaunas. Author of the object Vytenis Jakas
© Gintaras Vitulskis. Yard Gallery in Kaunas. Author of the object Vytenis Jakas

Based in Kaunas—which has been awarded European Capital of Culture 2022—the Yard Gallery is an open-air exhibition of street art.

According to founder and local artist Vytenis Jakas, one of its key purposes is to “reflect on the local cultural heritage that has been made tangible through contemporary murals.” Visitors can expect paintings on the walls that delve into deeper moral values—such as the icon-like piece titled “My Father’s house has many rooms”, satirically depicting three saints gambling.

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© Andrius Aleksandravičius_Kaunas_Yard Gallery
© Andrius Aleksandravičius_Kaunas_Yard Gallery

It’s also in a residential area, which allows millennials — who appreciate cultural and authentic experiences — to further appreciate and explore, making it a top Lithuania attraction.

3. Hofas in Klaipėda

© Hofas. hidden yard in Klaipeda

Hofas, a brand new cultural space located in Klaipėda, an inactive industrial complex home to several bars and concert venue along the seaport, is the hippest place in town.

Decorated with large shipping containers, the cultural space is home to the famous Klaipėda’s bar Herkus Kantas—an essential part of Hofas. The emerging area is incredible to look at and visit both day and night, making it one of Lithuania’s coolest attractions.

Facing the city’s main Danė river, the art gallery house Tema offers an exhibition area and a residence for artists visiting the seaside, which gives a particular artsy look and feel here. Parts of the free space are also used for workations, weekend yoga classes, and all sorts of other cultural initiatives.

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