Travel Writing Boot Camp

Travel Writing Boot Camp w/ Jimmy Im is a 6-week, online course offering aspiring travel writers all the tools they need to get published, travel for free and sustain a lucrative travel writing career.

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In Travel Writing Boot Camp w/ Jimmy Im, students will have unlimited access to lectures, assignments, a discussion forum and the ability to connect with Jimmy Im. For the Plus and Pro plan, students have private, one-on-one sessions with Im, and he also evaluates and critiques all your assignments, as well as sample pitch letters you submit. The pitch letter to the editor is what lands the assignment.

There’s no travel writing instructor with Im’s level of experience offering courses today!

Help spread the word, and if you’re serious about travel writing, sign up now. Travel Writing Boot Camp will help kickstart your career, and you’ll be traveling the world (and getting paid!) in no time.


Your private instructor Jimmy Im

Im has traveled to 113 countries (and hundreds of independent destinations), stayed in over 600 hotels (more than anyone else currently alive on this planet) and flown more than a million air miles. For 15 years, Im has been PAID as a professional travel writer and embarked on FREE trips… and you could soon follow in his footsteps. A travel writer instructor for five years, Im is also a former host on Travel Channel’s “Confessions of a Travel Writer,” appears on morning and evening news shows as a travel expert, and he founded, a Google News publisher. Im is dedicated to his craft, and he’ll provide exclusive, first-hand knowledge, guidance and lessons to becoming a successful travel writer.


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