Travelbinger is now featured on Apple News — here’s how I made the cut

Apple News Travelbinger

On October 31, 2020, Apple News contacted us with great news…

Travelbinger has been accepted as a publisher for Apple News!!!

Travelbinger, a source for travel news, tips and features, is now one of very few travel publications featured on the Apple News platform, sharing the same space as respectable publications like Conde Nast Traveler, Fodor’s and Travel + Leisure.

You can add Travelbinger to your Apple News feed by clicking here. Travelbinger stories will begin to show up in your news feed, in the main page, in the travel section, and of course, we have our own page you can add.

Apple News Travelbinger !

Being a part of Apple News is a huge deal, and I’m incredibly honored. It’s not easy being accepted as a publisher since Apple is extremely selective. There’s a long list of criteria and standards a publication has to meet, and it’s pretty strict, but Apple generally doesn’t let you know what they are. In fact, I’ve run across forums where people who have applied for Apple News are still waiting to hear whether they are accepted—10 months later.

Because I’m also a publisher with Google News, which also has strict criteria, I believe I know what it takes to be accepted. If you want your site to be on Apple News, I can give you some advice.

Generally, to be accepted into Apple News, your publication has to publish daily, original and expert content. You really have to know the subject of your website or blog. For instance, if you have a travel website or blog, you need to not only prove you’re an authority, you also have to write quality content.

Because I’ve written for top magazines, and I’ve traveled to 113 countries and stayed in over 600 hotels for over 15 years, I qualify. For Travelbinger, I publish daily content, and they’re long form. I also do a variety of content, from hotel reviews and news to travel profiles and tips.

Travelbinger on Apple News

This doesn’t mean you can’t make the cut for Apple News if you haven’t been in travel long. However, you should definitely know what you’re talking about, and you definitely need to post content daily. Those are the two things that any big publisher will look for. Eventually, you could get accepted into Apple News as long as you prove you are an authority, are patient, publish incredibly compelling content, and don’t give up.

Another important note to consider: Your content must be high quality (original, thoughtful reporting) with sufficient expertise and credible sources on whatever subject you write about.

If you’re interviewing people, make sure they are also experts. You can’t ask influencers what travel trends are because they don’t know. They take photos for a living; they don’t know trends unless they dig into a destination, into the landscape of travel, and read travel daily. Likewise, you can’t write a Cancun guide for your site if you’ve only been there one time. Any publisher really wants insiders to tell the story.

Gear for iPhone 11So if you have applied to Apple News and haven’t heard back on whether you’ve been accepted, take this time to really amp up your site. If you want to apply to Apple News, ensure that your website is updated daily with great, compelling, thoughtful content, and that you can prove you’re a true expert in your field. Good luck!

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Travelbinger is proud to be a publisher with Google News and Apple News

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