Travelbinger Is Now On YouTube!

For many years, Travelbinger readers asked if I would ever start a YouTube channel, and it never happened. Just running the website while I was working full-time at CNBC (senior lifestyle writer) was very time-consuming, and I barely had time to post new stories. In fact, for over a year, I never updated… until now… because Travelbinger is now on Youtube!

I left CNBC in September to go back to freelance writing, which allowed me to give Travelbinger a massive facelift.

I spent 10 to 12 hour days for the past five weeks creating a new design, adding better images, working on SEO, giving the site an actual logo and working with Google to re-index all my stories (a slew of Travelbinger stories come up on Google’s first search page, and I want to keep it that way!).

I’m also bringing the social accounts (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) back from the dead, and I finally have time creating a YouTube channel!

Travelbinger on YouTube will offer insider travel tips and advice through my 15-year career as a travel writer, TV host and expert. Don’t worry. I’m going to make them fun and hilarious : )

I hope to inspire people to travel smart and travel well for their upcoming journeys, and I think YouTube is the best visual platform for this. Creating a YouTube video is very time consuming since I do all the filming and editing myself, but it’s worth it!

For now, I’ll post one video a week. YouTube’s algorithm favors videos with a large subscriber-base to show up in feeds, so it would be great if you could subscribe.

Thanks again for all your continued support! The website wouldn’t work without you, and I hope you find it invaluable when it comes to traveling. Feel free to reach out if you have any questions or comments!

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