Travelers Who Smoke Have an Intriguing New Option

In a recent piece about travel trips for 2022, we touched on a few ways to travel stress-free, which refers to anything from preventing flight hassles to avoiding unnecessary costs. What many of us never really consider though is that there are also a lot of travel stress factors that are unique to travelers who smoke.

Not having access to a cigarette for several hours can be an anxiety-inducing situation for travelers who smoke, which is exactly what happens when they have to travel across continents. Smoking is also forbidden in almost every railway in America and Europe. Smokers also can’t light up cigarettes in public spaces like movie theaters or restaurants. The Guardian reports that some countries are even forbidding smoking outside pubs. The concept of “smoking areas” is also being abandoned rather quickly.

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While these regulations are intended to protect the public, they can seriously affect the experience of traveling for smokers. They have to prepare for spending several hours without a cigarette, as they can’t do it during their flight, or while on the airport shuttle! It also makes it hard to find a restaurant to enjoy the local food, and soon they won’t be able to smoke at a cafe in countries like Austria or Russia.

Despite the numerous difficulties smokers have to deal with, an interesting solution has emerged in the form of nicotine pouches. As opposed to chewing tobacco, these pouches don’t provoke bad breath or excessive salivation. They could also be considered an improvement from nicotine patches and gum, as they deliver nicotine more directly, through the membranes of the upper lip. In fact, pouches may soon replace some of these older alternatives.

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A blog by Prilla about nicotine pouches suggests that pouches are beginning to look more like a lasting trend than a passing fad. The pandemic has made people more aware of respiratory disease risk factors. In addition, those who work from home want to avoid exposing their families to second-hand smoke. All these, together with the need to wear a mask on the streets and public spaces has led to an increasing demand for smoke-free alternatives. As a result, the sales of nicotine pouches reached $216.89 million in the year 2020 alone.

Having access to a regular nicotine release reduces the need to light up a cigarette in smokers. As a result, they are able to travel long distances and enjoy tourist attractions without having to worry about finding tobacco products.

Armani Hotel Dubai Private Patio
Armani Hotel Dubai Private Patio

This smoke-free alternative also prevents some negative effects of smoke cessation that could prevent smokers from fully enjoying their trip. A review on Experimental and Clinical Psychopharmacology found nicotine deprivation can have negative effects on a smoker’s social life. But having a reliable source of nicotine may prevent these and other effects associated with not being able to smoke.

Many of us don’t have to face the challenges smokers do while traveling, but for those who do, a product like this can make a huge difference. Smokers can finally plan long travels and visit destinations they have dreamed about for years. More importantly, they can blend among other travelers, and enjoy their trip knowing they won’t be disturbing anyone.

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