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Two hours drive from New York City, Troutbeck hotel in Amenia, New York (on the border of Connecticut), is a rustic, countryside 45-acre getaway within 250 acres of forestry. The property dates back to 1765, and I was surprised with the rich, American history that lives within the walls of this upscale sanctuary that offers 37 rooms. Troutbeck hotel feels more like an intimate resort, but it offers all the amenities and activities travelers seek when they visit New York’s Hudson Valley.

Troutbeck Hotel Review



Troutbeck main house

After staying in dozens of properties in the Catskills and Hudson Valley area, from expensive vacation rentals to hip boutiques, Troutbeck is one that stands out for various reasons, including its rich history. It’s been around since the signing of the Declaration of Independence, and it’s inspired countless iconic figures, from President Theodore Roosevelt to authors Mark Twain, Henry David Thoureu and Ralph Waldo Emerson.

At first glance at the property, centuries-old history is unassuming, but it’s the rich stories that makes it compelling, knowing you’ve wandered the same grounds as legendary poets, or sat in the same room where early meetings of the NAACP drove the movement (yes, NAACP co-founder Mary Ovington was present).



Troutbeck is a no-frills lodge in the middle of nowhere — and that’s part of the charm. It’s a magnet to city dwellers who want to escape concrete jungles, surrender cell phones and reconnect with abundant nature, whether by campfires or tucked-away hammocks along the streams.

Troutbeck public space

Even the public spaces inside the main house are dim-lit, cozy, quiet. There’s a mood, and it begs you to chill TFO. What Troutbeck does well is retain a rustic elegance that conjures turn of the century vibes while adding expensive, modern furnishings affluent travelers are familiar with — but staying in lane. There’s an obvious “upscale” design scheme, but it’s not over-invited, and the splashes of bold colors, from walled books and Earth-toned paintings to busy rugs, feel natural.

Troutbeck public area

I visited on a weekday after one of the craziest rainstorms and practically had the entire property to myself. Even when guests started checking in the next day, close to full occupancy, I still felt like nobody was around – and I love that.


Troutbeck Benton House
Benton House Suite

I booked a Benton House suite, a removed accommodation just steps from the main house, which was equipped with a screened outdoor patio with swinging chair and sofa. The bed was extremely cozy, and the bathroom with separate shower and tub was almost as big as the room. Hudson Valley gets cold at night, especially in fall, so I was happy with the electric fireplace.

My room with screened porch

Troutbeck is extremely pet friendly, and I brought my pup Ruby, who loved wandering the grounds. We spent most of our time in the screened porch, where she perked many times to the smell of exotic animals, including a baby fox that frolicked in the grass.


Outdoor pool

Troutbeck offers amenities for all types of travelers, from tennis courts to an outdoor pool with bungalows, to a gym with infrared sauna, a yoga studio, tennis courts, bikes and even a calendar of cultural events with guest speakers.

Trout at Troutbeck

The property takes food and beverage seriously, and it was one of the standout highlights. Everything on the menu is sustainable, and nothing on the menu really is the same throughout the year (based on seasonal ingredients), though there are some staples.

Breakfast sandwich

The breakfast sandwich was hearty with two fried eggs, bacon, cheese and pickles, but I still have withdrawals from the cauliflower salad, which I have tried to recreate at home (the waiter was kind of enough to tell me all the ingredients, which include golden raisins, celery, edible flowers, toasted pistachios and verju vinagrette, among others).


Dog friendly hotel

Fine stay at a secluded property that’s excellent with its design, atmosphere, food and events without trying too hard. Troutbeck is not a one-note property, which makes it accessible to all types of travelers (couples would adore it), and I’d return just for the meals alone.

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