TSA had 2.6 million passengers this time last year. Guess how many flew today?

TSA rule may have passengers worry during covid-19

In 2019, TSA (Transportation Security Administration) saw 2 to 2.6 million daily passengers in America between March and April 20, 2019, and 2,227,475 passengers traveled specifically on April 21, 2019.

From the beginning of the coronavirus pandemic in America, which started in March 2020, the number of airline passengers have plummeted. How many passengers did TSA screen yesterday? 

92,859 passengers. 

This is according to Upgraded Points, a website that offers information on airlines and mileage programs, which has compared the number of TSA checkpoint foot traffic in March and April 2019 to the foot traffic of March and April 2020.

TSA airline passengers coronavirus
Photo: Upgraded Points

Despite the pandemic, most U.S. airlines are still flying, even with 0 passengers. There are two main reasons why. One is because the U.S. Department of Transportation ordered airlines to maintain flights to all U.S. destinations served before March 1 in order to receive the $2.9 billion bailout coronavirus aid. For more information on logistics, click here.

The second reason: airlines have dedicated slots at airports, and they must land, disembark passengers, refuel and take on new passengers, then take off again, within a regulated time frame in their appointed slot, or they could risk losing the slot.

While it’s not a safe time to fly, there are some people who are still taking flight for good reasons, like healthcare workers helping those in need.

Predicted passenger revenue loss $314 billion
Photo: Upgraded Points

The coronavirus impact report by Upgraded Points shows other graphs and statistics related to the airline industry, including most cancellations by U.S airport in the last 30 days (they would be NY, DC, LA and Chicago) and the most canceled flights by a U.S. airline. Southwest Airlines comes in at No 1 with more than 60,000 flights, with American Airlines in 2nd place at 45,000 flights.

Globally, 396,771 flights have been canceled. In the United States, 214,471 flights have been canceled. 

The predicted passenger revenue loss due to coronavirus is $314 billion for 2020. 

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