Weekly Tarot Reading Forecast For June 27 to July 3

June 27 to July 3 will be an extremely busy week! Mars sextile Saturn (we love when two malefic planets work in our favor), as well as a glorious new moon in Cancer on Tuesday. Also on Tuesday, Venus sextile Jupiter, giving us that warm fuzzy feeling, so check out your weekly tarot weekly to see what’s in store for you.

Check out your weekly tarot reading forecast for next week. It’s going to be a wonderful week for all signs, and all readings are done by The Tarot Ship.

Tarot reading for june 23 to 27 horoscope

Again, there’s a lot of wonderful planetary action happening next week, but the theme is different for every sign.


It’s also going to be a very HOT week, so remember to wear sunscreen and sunglasses. We splurged on an amazing pair at Bloomingdales, which in our honest opinion, has the best options.

Check out your weekly tarot reading for all signs at The Tarot Ship Youtube page.

Honestly, who wouldn’t take a selfie on this beach? This is how we will feel this week 🙂

The Tarot Ship use astrology, tarot and guides for daily (YouTube Shorts), weekly and monthly tarot card readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Jimmy’s readings bring clarity, insight, healing, guidance and positivity, and most importantly, allow you to move forward on your journey and reach your full potential in life.

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