Here’s Everything Required To Visit Puerto Rico Right Now

Puerto Rico is experiencing extremely high occupancy across the entire island, and with good reason: The destination is part of the United States, so travelers can avoid loads of paperwork required for similar, international island getaways during Covid-19. After traveling to San Juan last week (my first “off the mainland” flight since March 2020!), getting there took the most time and effort in planning due to Puerto Rico entry requirements. You’ll need essential Covid-19 related travel documents, and I’ll go through exactly what’s required to enter Puerto Rico.

Ritz Carlton Reserve, Puerto Rico

First, I should mention that if you’re planning to travel to Puerto Rico, plan way in advance. When I say the island is at high occupancy (hotels and resorts), I’m not kidding. My friend and I had trouble finding room availability at hotels and resorts since they were nearly full occupancy! We ended up booking St Regis Bahia Beach and Dorado Beach, a Ritz Carlton Reserve. When looking at rooms, the only accommodations available were either too small (standard) or too large (three bedroom suite). That said, we had to change the dates of our trip a few times.

Hot tub at Ritz Carlton Reserve

Another reason to book far in advance? The paperwork you’ll need to arrive for Puerto Rico entry requirements can take time to get together. Puerto Rico is incredibly safe to travel to, so be prepared with all the essentials you’ll need!

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Here’s what is required to enter Puerto Rico right now

You can easily bring your pup to Puerto Rico.

1. Drivers license

Sample drivers license

Puerto Rico is located in the Caribbean islands, but since it is U.S. territory, you do not need your passport. I know it sounds obvious, but the question did come up a few weeks ago from older people I know.

As long as you have your driver’s license as primary identification card, you are good to enter. You do not need a passport or visa. If you plan on visiting other islands though, you will need a passport. Rush My Passport is a service I’ve used in the past.

2. Face mask

Mask on at Laguardia
Mask on at Laguardia Airport in NYC

Whether you are vaccinated or not, you are required by law to wear a mask on a U.S. airplane or at a U.S airport. This includes the airport you are departing from, as well as San Juan International Airport. Anyone not wearing a mask will be fined or removed.

The federal mask mandate, which helps minimize the spread of Covid-19 on public transportation, is currently in effect until January 18, 2022. 

In September, it was announced TSA can fine you $500 to $1000 for refusing to wear a mask (plus you will be removed from the aircraft). Second time offenders can face fines up to $3,000. 

Lastly, as part of the government regulations, you MUST wear a mask in indoor spaces at any public place in Puerto Rico, including hotels and resorts. Always have your mask handy. Click here to stock up on the cheapest and safest masks.

3. Travel Declaration Form

Travelsafe Puerto Rico

For Puerto Rico entry requirements, every traveler *must* fill out the Travel Declaration Form on the Puerto Rico Health Department’s online portal. Once you fill out this form, it will produce a QR code that you should either print out or save on your phone (screen grab is fine) in order to enter Puerto Rico. This is NOT a customs form. This form is part of Puerto Rico’s TravelSafe initiative complying with health guidelines recommended by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. 

QR Code received to enter Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico government takes Covid safety very seriously. In fact, after we landed, we needed to show our QR code to exit the airport, so don’t forget to fill out the health form.

4. Vaccination card (not essential but recommended by Puerto Rico Gov)

Vaccination card for travel

You no longer need to have an FDA-approved vaccination (Pfizer, Moderna or Johnson & Johnson) in order to arrive to Puerto Rico. In the past, you had to upload your vaccination card through the Travel Declaration form. HOWEVER, some resorts may require the physical card, so please make sure you find out directly from the hotel.

Now that you know what’s required to enter Puerto Rico, take all the necessary steps, and have a safe and wonderful trip!

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