When Is The Next Protest In NYC? Go Here For The Schedule. #BlackLivesMatter

Juneteenth NYC protests

A lot of people have been asking me when the next Black Lives Matter / Justice For George Floyd protest in NYC is. While I’m not an organizer, I stand with the movement to see that justice is served and change is made. Rather than continue to post the schedule myself since I’m not an authority, I want to show you the schedule of the next protest, rally, vigil, demonstration and march in NYC by introducing you to Jimmy Im and most importantly, JusticeForGeorgeNYC.

NYC Protest Union Square Police Brutality

With Jimmy Im, JusticeForGeorgeNYC is an Instagram account that shows minute-to-minute updates and information on protests in NYC via Instagram stories, and the account frequently posts schedule of events in NYC, whether Manhattan or Queens or Brooklyn or Harlem.

The account is incredibly helpful because it gets information from leads at current protests, as well as organizers and even crowd sourcing. People from marches and protests send him /her updates on whether the cops are on their way, if the protest is getting violent and what’s happening on a current protest scene.

When is next NYC protest
Police at a protest.

We follow and support JusticeForGeorgeNYC and Jimmy Im and you should follow them to know the details and location of the next protests. Please also follow my account (Travelbinger) which will have tips, photos, locations and videos. NYC Protest Schedule

This is not over soon. We need to continue to protest for change, and you will see us marching along and demanding justice in NYC. We will also soon post videos of protests on our Youtube channel. It would be great if you can support by subscribing here.

Happy protesting, friends.

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  1. Yeah bro! Defund cops in black communities and let black people kill even MORE black people! 8K black on black murders ain’t nearly enough. Let them wipe each other out while suburban white “revolutionaries” stay in their nice safe police protected neighborhoods.

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