You Can Travel To Iceland (With A Friend) For Free In 2022 — Here’s How

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Many travel companies, from airlines to tourism boards, have been offering promotions to reunite friends and family in far-flung places post Covid-19. The next great contest? A free 3-night trip to Iceland. What makes this a unique contest is that Visit Reykjavik is offering three (3) lucky winners the free trip to the capital city in Iceland in 2022.

To help united loved ones and friends, Visit Reykjavik has launched “Reunite in Reykjavik,” running now through November 26, 2021, a campaign that will reunite 3 lucky winners from North America and the UK who were separated by the Covid-19 pandemic.


The three winning pairs will be awarded with complimentary flights via Icelandair; accommodations for three nights in the city center (including breakfast) at Center Hotels, Keahotels or Radisson Blu 1919 Hotel (via gift card); and a 72-hour Reykjavík City Card—which offers access to museums, galleries, swimming pools, and discounts on tours, shops, and services.

Serving as a halfway point between their home countries, Reykjavík is full of art, culture, natural wonders, and an impressive dining scene, all of which make it an ideal destination for a long overdue reunion. Of course, it’s also the launching point to incredible natural wonders across the country.

In order to win this much deserved, three-night getaway, participants must submit an explanation of why reuniting in Iceland would be significant to them, along with an image of themselves and the friend, family member, or partner they are looking to reconnect with in Reykjavík.

Those wishing to enter can do so via the Reunite in Reykjavík website. Entry begins on October 21, 2021 and closes November 26, 2021. Once submissions are closed, there will be a public vote from November 26-December 10, 2021 to determine the finalists. A select panel of judges will then make the final selection of the three lucky winners, which will be announced on December 15, 2021.

The total value for the trip for the winner and his/her travel companion is about $6,000.

The contest is in partnership with Visit Iceland and Inspired by Iceland.

Contest Rules and Guidelines:

  • Person submitting must live in either North America or the UK.
  • Person submitting must upload one photo (this could be a collage, video chat screenshot, etc.) of themselves and the person with whom they want to reunite. Their companion must live across the ocean from them, either in North America or the UK.
  • Person submitting must include one story (no word minimum or maximum) that explains their relationship with this person and why it’s important they reunite with them in Reykjavík, Iceland.
  • Participants can only submit one entry throughout the entire submission period.
  • Submission period will last from October 21, 2021 – November 26, 2021.
  • Travel period is for one (1) year from when the Prize Letter is issued. Travel is subject to air and hotel availability; black-out dates and other conditions may apply.

For more information on Visit Reykjavík visit:

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