Your Full Moon Lunar Eclipse Tarot Horoscope Reading Forecasts

lunar eclipse horoscope tarot reading forecast

The full moon lunar eclipse is arriving next week on October 28! Eclipses are wildcards in life, but this is a great eclipse that will wrap up a 1 1/2 year series of eclipses in the Scorpio – Taurus axis. Expect major culmination for one area of your life as you bring in new beginnings, and for many, major new life changes.  Check out your special full moon lunar eclipse 2023 tarot horoscope forecast for all 12 Zodiac signs done by our resident tarot reader, The Tarot Ship.

The Tarot Ship

The Tarot Ship offers full free tarot horoscope readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Unlike a general weekly horoscope or tarot reading, he combines tarot, astrology and his guides and sharp intuition to get more specific and offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than a general reading. In fact, with his readings, you feel that you are getting a personal reading rather than a general reading for your sign.

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He’s also known for his celebrity tarot readings. All his predictions have come true (ie: Johnny Depp winning the trial; Pete Davidson announcing he’s leaving SNL; Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl; John Legend having a baby and more). Every week, he does a celebrity tarot reading on his Youtube channel, where he offers daily, weekly and monthly forecasts for all signs.

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2. Mercury opposes Neptune – Merge intellect and imagination.

3. Mercury trine Pluto – Power in intellect! Good for business deals/ gains.

4. Mercury enters Libra – Compromise. Balance. Justice. 8. Mars square Pluto – Be assertive! Big day of empowerment. Can be aggressive. Be cool.

VENUS ENTERS VIRGO- More analytical toward love, money, beauty. Practical.


9. Venus opposes Saturn – Prioritize work, be practical/pragmatic, focus on compassion.

10. PLUTO GOES DIRECT (retrograde since May)

11. MARS ENTERS SCORPIO – Power burst! “NOW” energy. Personal growth and changes. Invest in passions.

13. Mars trine Saturn – Two malefics trine! Sign contract, start relationship, new job.

14/15 NEW MOON SOLAR ECLIPSE IN LIBRA! Releasing something old for something new. New partnership and relationship can be developed now in love or career!


19. Sun conjunct Mercury – CAZIMI! REALLY think about what kind of peace and justice you need in your life.

20. Mercury square Pluto – Be cool. Don’t let anyone get your goat!

21. Sun square Pluto – Be chill. Don’t force anything or fall into power struggle.

Venus trine Jupiter – 5 star day! All about beauty, luck, joy and love. Great day for singles, spa and shopping.

Mercury enters Scorpio –Speak with passion and be direct.

22. Mercury trine Saturn – Great day for communication, travel and contracts!


23. SUN ENTERS SCORPIO – Intimacy, power, money, transformation could be a focus.

24. Sun trine Saturn – Laser focus on realistic goals for longevity!

28. FULL MOON LUNAR ECLIPSE IN TAURUS – What will bring you comfort and stability?

Mars opposite Jupiter – Take action to increase confidence! Take risks. Mercury opposite Jupiter – Optimistic aspect, think big about your future and beliefs.

29. Mercury conjunct Mars Your mind will be lit! 31. Venus trine Uranus! Lots of surprising news or moments could happen in love or pleasure of all kinds. Socialize! Be creative!

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