Your Weekly Tarot Horoscope For March 27-April 2 All Zodiac Signs

March is the biggest astrological month of 2023, and every sign will feel change, transformation, ascension and new beginnings – and if you haven’t already, it’s coming.  Not only will the sun, Jupiter and Mercury go into Aries, we had a powerful new moon in Aries last week, which is really fueling the energy of March 27- April 2. Also, Pluto entered Aquarius last week, the first time since 1776. This is a game-changing shift. Check out your March 27-April 2 tarot horoscope forecast for all Zodiac signs done by our resident tarot reader, The Tarot Ship.

The Tarot Ship offers full free tarot horoscope readings for all 12 Zodiac signs. Unlike a general weekly horoscope or tarot reading, he combines tarot, astrology and his guides and sharp intuition to get more specific and offer more clarity in a Celtic Cross spread, meaning he gets a lot more specific than a general reading. In fact, with his readings, you feel that you are getting a personal reading rather than a general reading for your sign.

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Scroll down to see your March 27-April 2, 2023 weekly tarot horoscope predictions for all signs!

He’s also known for his celebrity tarot readings. All his predictions have come true (ie: Johnny Depp winning the trial; Pete Davidson announcing he’s leaving SNL; Rihanna performing at the Super Bowl; and more). Every week, he does a celebrity tarot reading on his Youtube channel, where he offers daily, weekly and monthly forecasts for all signs.

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MARCH 2023 Key Astrological Dates

March 1 – Venus conjunct Jupiter (both in Aries) – One of the best days of the YEAR.

March 2 – Mercury conjunct Saturn (both in Aquarius) – Contracts have long-term potential.

Mercury enters Pisces – Creative communication, be visionary!

March 6 – Sun sextiles Uranus – Amazing day for fun surprises. Be innovative!

March 7 – FULL MOON IN VIRGO – WONDERFUL full moon. Start something new.


March 11 – Venus sextile Mars – Beautiful aspect!! Go out and socialize, get romantic with partner!

Mercury sextile Uranus – Be spontaneous!

March 12– Daylight Savings (US)

March 14- Mars square Neptune – Be realistic about goals; trust yourself

March 15 – Sun conjunct Neptune – Be imaginative! Start creative project.

March 16– Mercury conjunct Neptune – Communicate your imaginative side!

Sun squares Mars – Go big!

Venus square Pluto – Be patient with love

Mercury square Mars – Be ultra perceptive

VENUS ENTERS TAURUS – LOVE this transit. Venus in its home sign.

March 17- Sun conjunct Mercury – Communication will be favorable!!!

Venus sextile Saturn – Amazing day Long term potential in love and money.

March 18- Mercury sextile Pluto – Discover truths – you may!

March 19- MERCURY ENTERS Aries – Communicate with authority 

March 20 – SUN ENTERS ARIES (exalted!) / SPRING EQUINOX!

Sun sextile Pluto – Alluring day – people will pay attention to you. Power of attraction; take advantage.

March 21- NEW MOON IN ARIES – Start a new project, business, launch a product – MAJOR new beginning is favorable.

March 23- PLUTO ENTERS AQUARIUS – First time since 1777-1798. Will be here until Jun 11, 2023, but then January 20, 2024 to January 19, 2044- TWENTY YEARS. EXPECT A BRAND NEW ERA!


March 27- Mercury conjunct Jupiter – Great dale for communication, interview or signing contracts.

March 30 – Mars trine Saturn – Long-term results with sensible goals

Venus conjunct Uranus (both in Taurus) – Wow! Love, love, love is in the air, you may be surprised.

March 31- MERCURY ENTERS Taurus

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And if you haven’t already, here’s your full reading for March 2023!

All signs: March 13-19 Weekly Tarot Horoscope Readings

ARIES – Expect passion, intense pleasure and plenty of activity with money. You’ll love next week  ♈️?

TAURUS – Unbelievable  spread that trumps your last rare reading! ♉️

GEMINI – Did you want wealth, power and wish coming true? Welcome to one of your best weeks of the year!

CANCER – The new opportunity you wanted has arrived. What a powerful week in store ♋️??

LEO – If you let something go, you’ll have so much power ♌️ ?

VIRGO – There’s a decision you’ll make that will bring you a world of happiness! ♍️

LIBRA –  You’re on a golden path to money and wealth. In fact, this is your biggest money spread you’ve ever had.

SCORPIO – A truly rare reading – Change is coming – and you possibly know this.

SAGITTARIUS – Did you want a rapturous week? ?❤️‍?

CAPRICORN – You’re getting everything you want – but there’s a catch! ♑️

AQUARIUS – Your best weekly reading so far this year. You will NOT forget this week. ♒️ 

PISCES – Your biggest “best outcome” spread you’ve ever had ♓️?

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