Gone Are The Days Of Miles – Earn Cashback On Flights With WayAway

With the seemingly endless pandemic restrictions behind us, it’s time for travelers to breathe a sigh of relief as they finally venture out again. What’s more, the dollar’s newfound strength makes tourism all the more attractive. The next season promises to be a big one for travel to the EU. U.S. visitors will be welcomed at all incredible European destinations, from fabulous Portuguese party beaches to otherworldly Scandinavian landscapes. However, you can maximize your vacations — and save money — by earning cashback on flights with WayAway. Two birds, one stone. 

With prices on the rise, individual trip planning is becoming more important than ever, and travelers spent countless hours comparing prices on numerous websites to prepare for a trip. So, how can you know who to trust? 

Enter WayAway – a travel app that offers you the chance to earn real cashback instead of miles or bonuses. 

What is WayAway and how does it work?


WayAway is an all-in-one travel app, where you can book everything from flights to hotels and even rental cars, all of which give you cashback.

The app launched this summer and is only growing in popularity. WayAway lets you search by date and other preferences to find the juiciest flights for your next trip. You can also use it to rent cars and book hotels, tours, and attractions all from the same app. WayAway partners with major market players like Booking.com and Viator, guaranteeing fresh, relevant information for its users straight from the source.

This new browsing experience allows users to find everything they need to plan their upcoming trips all in one place.  Meanwhile, WayAway’s metatools and filters make it so much easier for travelers to find tickets, and all these features are available as soon as you download the app, free of charge.

Qatar Airways

But what about the star of the show? WayAway Plus subscribers can get cashback on all their travel expenses through the app. And right now you can get 12 months of Plus for just $49.99 (basically four bucks a month).

Without points, miles, or gimmicks, the service is well worth the money. You can withdraw pure, hard cash to your PayPal account any time you want.

How much can you save with WayAway cashback?


I would recommend buying a membership plan if you fly 2-3 times a year. Using WayAway Plus to book flights for your family and friends will also get you cashback, and just a few purchases will see the membership plan pay for itself. Seems too good to be true? Let’s take a look at how it works.

Like any aggregator, WayAway receives affiliate commissions from travel agencies. However, it partially converts them into cashback, which can be withdrawn to a PayPal account within a month. That means, the cashback rate ranges from 3% to 15% depending on the partner. Here are some examples:

  • Flights – up to 5%
  • Booking.com – up to 10%
  • Rentalcars – 5%
  • KiwiTaхi – 10%
  • Viator – 6%
  • GetYourGuide – 8%
  • Tiqets – 7%
  • Klook – up to 5%
  • Hostelworld – up to 6%
  • GoCity – up to 3%
  • AirHelp – 10%

Cashback will appear in your WayAway Plus profile once the service has been rendered (i.e. you’ve taken your flight, checked out of the hotel, etc.). Keep in mind, it can take up to 90 days to process depending on each partner’s payout cycle. But WayAway guarantees that all payable cashback will eventually find its way into your pocket. There are no expiration dates or limits on how much you can earn or save,  be it a modest $30 from a one-night stay at a hotel or a couple grand after a two-month journey across Europe.

WayAway and WayAway Plus: what’s the difference?


The free version of WayAway provides access to flight search tools with an extensive list of airlines and ticket aggregators, so you can find the best deal for you.

Price alerts are another cool feature available free of charge. Users can save specific flights and keep an eye on them in order to grab them at their cheapest.

WayAway Plus members get cashback options and premium travel support. The service works 24/7 and can help with bookings, flights, rewards, and even casual travel advice.  Let’s say you’re planning a vacation in Thailand. Support can tell you about the best time of year to go or any travel restrictions in place for tourists there. Plus also provides access to exclusive “In a nutshell” travel guides with diverse categories and insider tips. They’re not just collections of cool photos (although they’re there too), but comprehensive travel companions built with the help of local experts. If you need to know where to go, when to visit, how long to stay, and what to eat, WayAway is your one-stop-shop.

Whether you prefer Plus or like free stuff, the WayAway team wrapped all these features into intuitive and user-friendly iOS and Android apps. 

Is WayAway legit?

Delta One on 757-200

It’s normal to feel skeptical about a brand new product, especially when it comes to cyber security and personal data protection.

But, despite the recent launch, WayAway ensures transparency and the highest level of protection when it comes to privacy. The service simply passes on information from partners without transmitting any personal data. Data on cashback received is collected and readily available on a secure dashboard in the user’s profile. 

Ticket purchases are carried out with trusted partners, meaning WayAway only helps users find attractive options, while all financial transactions are run through secure third-party websites. 

WayAway was developed by Go Travel Un Limited, famous in the travel industry for the Travelpayouts app for businesses. Travelpayouts is an affiliate service that partners with businesses, bloggers, travel companies, and more.

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Final impression: to delete, or not to delete…  

The market is getting going again after a period of recovery and new services are popping up all over. Don’t get me wrong, not all of them set new industry standards. Most of them offer extra little bonuses or rewards, but WayAway provides a truly innovative experience, because cashback is king!

The WayAway Plus subscription quickly pays for itself, and if you keep making purchases through the app, you’ll be treating yourself to a fancy coffee or goofy Xmas sweater on your cashback’s dime in no time.

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