Best Vacations For Mental Health And Spiritual Retreats In America

After three challenging years of Covid, lockdowns and global financial turmoil, travelers are likely to feel out of sorts. It’s why spiritual journeys and mental health vacations are on the rise. People are seeking peace, solitude, nature and time to readjust at beautiful resorts and sanctuaries in America. Whether it’s being close to the water, in remote locations immersed in nature for forest bathing or well known “New Age,” spiritual or even metaphysically driven places, from city to countryside, we rounded up the best vacations for mental health and spiritual retreat in America.

These destinations are all about freedom from the pressures and stress-inducing realities we face daily, and they offer the opportunity for peace of mind, mental clarity, and improving quality of life — and to open heart and an open mind with the motivation to better yourself.

Best Vacations For Mental Health And Spiritual Retreats In America

Hiking Sedona hikes!
Hiking Sedona hikes

1. Asheville, North Carolina

Pet friendly Asheville.

Asheville has always served as a destination for spa and wellness getaways thanks to the natural hot spring water sources and Blue Ridge Mountains, but not many people know it’s known for its vortexes (strong energy points). In fact, ever wonder why the Biltmore Estate was randomly built here? Well, it’s not so random.

In 1880, George Washington Vanderbilt II visited Asheville, North Carolina with his mother and was so compelled by the “good energy,” he decided he would build a vacation home here. The Biltmore Estate, America’s largest home and a top public attraction, is now internationally famous, but it’s a testament to the wonderful energy in Asheville.

Downtown Asheville is lively with young street performers (or “buskers”), farm-to-table restaurants and a bounty of nature that surrounds the city — and of course, the Blue Ridge Mountains. Locals in Asheville never leave, and it’s part of Asheville’s charm. It’s one of the top cities in America where residents live their entire lives – there is absolutely no reason to move because the quality of is above par.

6 reasons to visit Asheville, North Carolina now – including art, food and a vortex

Visitors to Asheville can experience all sorts of holistic-themed activities, whether yoga tours, awe-inspiring spas (such as Omni Park Grove) and even therapeutic salt caves. Dog-friendly Asheville is home to many psychics, tarot readers and even pet psychics!

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2. Sedona, Arizona

Lauberge Sedona
We stayed at Lauberge Sedona. Our view.

You don’t have to be a hiker to visit Sedona. Native Americans used to come to the Red Rocks of Sedona, Arizona, to heal for centuries, which is a strong testament to the strong energy vortexes here. In fact, no one was ever supposed to live here; Sedona was considered such a sacred spot known for regenerative, thereapeutic and inspirational effects. The red crimson mountains alone are a famous landscape many people have come to know, and Sedona has become one of the top spiritual destinations in America in the past few decades.

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While Asheville has a vortex, Sedona has many, which is why you’ll find many “bohemian,” “New Age” and spiritual types that live here. The vortex energy is fed by lei lines, which goes through the whole globe, like acupuncture points on the planet, and it’s incredibly potent here. Many travelers come for retreats and wellness getaways. Sedona is world renown for its meditative powers, thanks to the vortex meditation sites that facilitate prayer, mind/body/soul healing, as well as spiritual growth and awakening.

And the views. Oh, the views. Climb any mountain, from beginners to intermediate, and the views are outstanding. It truly is one of the best places for mental health and spiritual retreat.

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3. Santa Fe, New Mexico

In the past, Santa Fe was at the edge of American culture, the “land of Bohemia,” and artists came in droves, from writers to artists, such as Willa Cather and Cormac McCarthy. It has always served as a place of inspiration, and it’s due to its wonderful location completely removed in a desert eden.

Visitors can expect an unmistakeable transformative quality in Santa Fe, New Mexico, and don’t be surprised to find people finding themselves on wellness retreats, solo journeys, through wonderful hikes and yoga trips.

Rakuten Rewards
The Native American culture is still strong, and you’ll find this in the array of shops and galleries paying tribute to what created the peaceful environment —more Native American culture here than anywhere else in the world. A wonderful, large Native American community (approximately 18 tribes) are still here, and locals say there’s been 300 years of peaceful coexistence.

The Rio Grande range separates the landscape of Santa Fe, which, as the city sits up in the mountains at a high altitude (reminiscent of healing places in Peru), you can easily blend in with the beauty of nature and relax. It truly is one of the best places to gather for mental health and spiritual retreat when it comes to your wellness.

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