Holiday Gift Guide 2023 For All Types Of Travelers

Despite rising cost in travel, from Airbnbs to hotel chains to airfare, travelers are back on the road and in the skies — and Travelbinger rounded up the best gifts for travelers this holiday season. If you have a loved one, whether friend, colleague or family who loves to travel, our holiday gift guide for travelers will help them have a seamless journey through the holidays — and beyond.

I have personally used these products, so the recommendations are genuine.

Travelbinger Holiday Gift Guide 2023 For All Types Of Travelers

Pamu Slide 2 Earbuds

Pamu Slide 2

I wrote a review on Pamu Slide earbuds back in 2019 when I was a writer for CNBC, and since, I have considered them one of the best on the market. I even did a deeper dive review here.

The newer version is out, and it’s better than ever. You can expect a smaller size, active noise cancellation, app controls and lower latency time.

You can buy Pamu Slide earbuds on Amazon for less than $50!

Cozy Earth Bamboo Bedding Sheet Set

Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set

When it comes to bedding, I’m a huge fan of Brooklinen, but Cozy Earth has really taken the top slot for me. I got their famous bamboo bedding sheet set, and it’s become my absolute favorite. You can read my full review here.

Not only is the bedding buttery soft, I love that it comes in a reusable tote bag. The quality of Cozy Earth Bamboo Sheet Set is extremely high, and it’s simply a classic. The bedding is 100% Premium Viscose from Bamboo fabric, easy to wash and stain resistant. The fabric is machine washable, and the sheets are built to last. This year, Cozy Earth released new, beautiful colors, Navy and Olive, which are perfect for my bedroom.

This is a great gift for people who rent our spaces or have vacation rentals to pamper guests, or frequent travelers who want to come home to amazing sheets.

You can buy Cozy Earth Bamboo Bedding Sheet Set and Duvet on Amazon for less than $280!

Nouhaus Ergo3D Office Chair

Nouhaus Ergonomic Office Chair
Nouhaus Ergonomic office chair made a huge difference in my posture.

When business travelers hit the road, they’re often in hotel rooms that have pretty cheap chairs, so it’s always a nice relief for them to return home to one of the most comfortable, ergonomically designed office chairs. As someone who travels frequently, I need a chair at home that doesn’t mess up my back and gives me good lumbar support. I did a longer review of Nouhause Ergo3D Office Chair, which you can check out here.

The chair is easy to assemble, offers 4D adjustable armrest and lumbar system, ElastoMesh, 135 degree back tilt, smooth HydraLift,  and dual castors (as a bonus, there’s a set of hardwood floor rollerblade castors if you like to wheel around). It’s perfect for our holiday gift guide for travelers who appreciate comfort on their return home.

If you’ve been office chair hunting, you know the best ones are upwards of $2000. The Nouhaus Ergo3D Office Chair is just under $400 on Amazon — and it’s as good as the expensive ones.

Brazyn Life Talon Massage Gun

Brazyn Life Talon massage gun

Massage guns are all the rage! I’ve tried them all — from Hypervolt to Theragun — but I have to recommend Brazyn Life Talon Massage Gun.

As a frequent traveler, I can’t go anywhere without a massage gun, especially after a long flight (the massage gun is good for your back and shoulders), a long day of exploring (great for the feet and legs) or even business meetings all day. I’m a big fan of massages in a spa, but if you’re on the go and don’t have time, it’s perfect to just use in your hotel room while you’re binge-watching your favorite shows (here’s our list of best shows to binge watch on a long flight or when you travel).

Brazyn Life Talon massage gun is great. TALON is the first massage gun with its own clip on extension arm so you can now easily reach every muscle, which truly has an amazing impact and gives flexibility for hard to reach areas. The system also includes an attachment to use the arm as a static massage cane.

The best part? Brazyn Life Talon massage gun is less than $170 on Amazon (compared to other massage guns that are upward of $400!)

Earth Rated Dog Accessories

Earth Rated

Most people know I travel with my pup Ruby, who has stayed in over 150 hotels and taken more than 100 flights in the past 10 years. She loves traveling to Mexico, California and upstate New York, and she becomes restless if we’re NOT traveling! You can check out her adventures on Instagram.

As pet travel continues to rise, it’s become a lot easier to travel with Ruby, and I always pack Earth Rated pet accessories, from poop scoopers to bags. They’re simple, easy to use and I find them the best in the business.

Travelers who bring their pup on vacation will love these accessories, and they’re perfect for our holiday gift guide for travelers.

You can find Earth Rated pet accessories on Amazon at very affordable prices.

iLive Truly Wireless Earbud

iLive Wireless Earbuds

If you’re looking for a more affordable set of earbuds, iLive Truly Wireless Earbud makes a great stocking stuffer. I love that the bluetooth earbuds have active noise cancellation, are sweatproof and works with both Siri and Google Assistant, making it great for calls or the gym.

You can buy iLive Truly Wireless Earbuds on Amazon for less than $30.

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