This Is The Safest Country In The World

safest country in world

Qatar is the safest country in the world, according to Numbeo’s Crime Index 2021. This is the third time Qatar has been ranked the the safest destination worldwide in the last 5 years.

Qatar is easily accessible from anywhere in the world, with national carrier Qatar Airways connecting over 160 key destinations across six continents to capital Doha. In addition, Qatar’s visa waiver system means over 80 nationalities can obtain visa-free entry, making it the most open country in the world.

Qatar prioritises safety along each visitor touchpoint – from its award-winning airline Qatar Airways, to navigating through Hamad International Airport, which boasts the latest cutting-edge security screening technology, as well as advanced contactless technology at security checkpoints.

To determine the safest country in the world, Travelbinger looked at Numbeo’s Crime Index, the highly regarded index that tracks crime in 135 countries.

safest country in world

Crime Index’s methodology is ranking countries by an estimation of overall level of crime. Numbeo considers crime levels lower than 20 as very low, crime levels between 20 and 40 as being low, crime levels between 40 and 60 as being moderate, crime levels between 60 and 80 as being high and finally crime levels higher than 80 as being very high.

In some countries, governments have a detailed statistics based on a number of reported crimes per capita, according to Numbeo. Those surveys are particular good in comparing crime between two cities in that country, but are not so good in cross country comparison for the following reasons:

  • people in some countries are much more likely to report a crime than in other countries
  • data could be forged by governmental institutions
  • data are not available for most of the world

The top 10 safest countries in the world are:

  1. Qatar
  2. Taiwan
  3. United Arab Emirates
  4. Oman
  5. Isle of Man
  6. Switzerland
  7. Hong Kong
  8. Slovenia
  9. Japan
  10. Georgia
  11. Armenia
  12. Estonia
  13. Iceland
  14. Croatia
  15. Austria
  16. Rwanda
  17. Czech Republic
  18. Saudia Arabia
  19. Bahrain
  20. Denmark

5 of the safest countries in the world are in the Middle East, 3 in Asia and 6 in Europe.

Venezuela ranks the unsafest city in the world, followed by Papua New Guinea and South Africa.

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