Can Dogs Get Covid-19 ? How To Protect Your Furry Friend

Are dogs safe in NYC during COVID-19?

In March 2020, coronavirus was officially deemed a pandemic in America, and millions of New Yorkers adjusted their every day life to navigate “the new normal.” Thankfully, cases are going down… but also up…. then down…. then up. It’s crazy. While we can get vaccines and boosters, one question that continues to linger: Can dogs get COVID-19?

There have been examples and cases, but it’s rare. Dogs can get Covid-19, but again, super rare, but another question that goes around a lot: Can I keep my dog safe from Covid-19?

Yes, absolutely.


When Covid-19 was taking a toll in NYC big time in 2020, I went through many great lengths to keep my dog, Ruby, protected. In March and April, we didn’t know much about the virus, but even now, CDC officials deem it low risk that COVID-19 would spread with dogs. Still, they don’t want anyone to take chances, and they encourage people not to let strangers pet their dog.

East Village Boris & Horton
East Village Boris & Horton

In the height of the pandemic, I took my dog out twice a day (even disinfected her feet when we came back home), and people on the street were respectful enough not to stop and pet her. Now that NYC is in phase 4, it’s much easier. Dogs are incredibly safe during the reopening… but, more importantly, they are happy. Yes, dogs can get Covid-19, but again, it’s rare, and you do not have to take these crazy precautions I did when Covid first began.

Mental health for pets

Quarantine and lockdown take a huge toll on animals. They don’t understand why there is no one on the streets. They can pick up the scent of anxiety from other people. They know your daily habits have changed and you’re home all the time. They feel a little anxious with what’s going on around the world. And they don’t understand why people stop paying attention to them on the streets.

All this has thankfully changed (well, for the most part. Ruby still doesn’t vibe with the fact I wear a mask when we go out, and she sees everyone else wearing one, so I can’t wait for that part to be over!).

In any case, you’ll want to treat your dog like a prince or princess. I went ahead and bought Ruby this because I didn’t like that throughout the beginning of the pandemic, my anxiety was affecting hers. She loves this pet bed.

One thing you’ll want to do is monitor your dogs behavior to make sure your dog is safe during Covid-19. If anything looks or feels off, call your vet. You don’t want to take any chances, and besides, your vet is the expert. I’m sure you have nothing to worry about since there have been no reports, but you’ll feel better about doing something.

There were a few times my dog acted odd, but it was likely because I moved to Brooklyn, and she was in a whole new area. The fact of the matter is, I monitored her for days, and she was fine. Dogs can get Covid-19, but again, it’s super rare.

Dogs in NYC safe during covid-19

It’s funny how human beings were going through (and still experiencing) stress, anxiety and often trauma due to Covid-19, but dogs were going through the same as us. Not only are dogs in New York City safe during the pandemic, they know that we are feeling much better and adjusting to “the new normal.”

There’s still much that is not known about the virus, but we know that dogs are just as emotional during this time, and their mental health is important. The good news: Dogs in New York City are safe during Covid-19 for phase 4.

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