Pamu Slide 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

I was a big fan of Pamu Slide Bluetooth Earbuds when they were released in 2020. Now, Pamu Slide 2 bluetooth earbuds, a newer, improved version, are on Indiegogo, launching today at the super early bird price of $79. For the quality of these earbuds, it’s almost shocking they’re so cheap considering high-quality, reliable earbuds go in the hundreds. Here’s our Pamu Slide 2 review.

Pamu Slide 2 Bluetooth Earbuds Review

Pamu Slide 2

What I love about Pamu Slide 2 is the wind noise reduction. I live right on the Hudson in Brooklyn, so naturally, there’s a lot of wind, but these earbuds truly pull through for me.

The ANC+HIFI sound quality is great, and it uses the latest Bluetooth 5.2. The calls are clear as well. I’ve had no problems with hearing someone on the other end of the call.

I do love the slide cover design, which is entirely new with the appearance of “camera-style” with vinyl CD texture. It’s also super compact so you can fit it in your pocket, and of course, it charges wirelessly. The only challenge I have is getting the earbud in the right slot. It’s not as effortless as I would love, but it’s the smallest gripe since the earbuds are amazing.

The complete package

The best part? 6.5 hours’ playing time on a single charge. Talk about long battery life! The earbuds are also IPX4 waterproof, meaning if it starts raining, you’re good (just make sure you get shelter at some point!

Rakuten Rewards

I should also point out that if you live in the city like me, never worry about hearing anything in public transportation. I was a big fan of boneconducting headphones for a while, but I finally had to give in because I take the subway so much, and you can’t block out the surrounding noise.

Rockin out!

Pamu Slide 2 Review: Key Features I Like

  • Digital Hybrid Active Noise Cancellation And Bandwidth Noise Reduction

Pamu Second Generation Hybrid ANC technology. Professional advanced noise cancellation reduces noise up to 42dB and the noise reduction bandwidth is 20-2000Hz. Canceling noise from aircraft, subways, cars, and crowds, so you can focus on what are you doing.

  • Superior Audio Experience

Powerful, Punchy Bass, Drop the bass with 10mm dynamic drivers that bring you a tailored audio experience. PEN & Titanium composite membrane helps deliver an unprecedented sound experience and performance with beautiful balance across the full frequency range.

  • Super-Clear Calls

Using a new AINR algorithm, 6 microphones and a noise-canceling algorithm isolate vocals from background noise and wind.

  • Human voice enhancement

For people with hearing loss, the RHE intelligent algorithm, human voice band gaining, dialogue noise reduction, whistle suppression and other individual algorithms, so as to reduce the ambient sound, strengthen the human voice band to achieve hearing enhancement, up to -30dB gain, achieve the function of auxiliary listening, to meet the needs of people with hearing loss.

  • 80ms Ultra-low latency Gaming Mode

Ensure a reliable transmission with near-zero delay, making the earbuds ideal for playing games and watching videos.

  • Auto Play / Pause

The built-in infrared sensors will automatically pause music when your earbuds are removed and resume when you put them back on. Jump back in right where you left off.

  • Swipe up and down to control the volume

Easy touch control brings you a more comfortable and convenient experience to answer phones, switch songs, and activate the voice assistant without operating your mobile devices. 

  • Dual Connect

The Dual Connect gives you the choice to seamlessly enjoy music or make calls with one or both earbuds. And you don’t need to worry about the battery, as you can keep one earbud charging while using the other one.

  • Latest Bluetooth 5.2 & Effortless Pairing

Ultra-stable connection, faster pairing, and universal compatibility which can be perfectly compatible with iOS and Android smartphones, pads, and laptops.

  • 26 hours of Playback, long battery life

Get 6.5 hours’ playing time on a single charge of the wireless earbuds, with the charging case, the time extends to 26 hours. Enjoy your music, without missing a beat.

  • Ultra Lightweight and Ergonomic Design

Based on the unique ergonomic in-ear design feature, the earbuds are engineered specifically to disperse pressure, ensuring optimum wearing comfort, they won’t be loose or fall out easily when you are doing exercise. Besides, equipped with 4 pairs of different sizes (L/M/S/XS) of spare ear caps for options.

  • IPX4 Waterproof

IPX4 rated, with electronics wrapped in special materials to protect from moisture wherever you exercise.

  • Wireless Charging

Get rid of the charging cable, go wire-free charging experience. The wireless charger for phones also works on the earbuds charging case.

  • 3 Different EQ Sound Effect

We have added 3 different EQ sound effects in the APP, which can be chosen according to personal listening preferences.

  • APP Personalized Function Customization

Free PaMu app, which lets you customize touch control the way you like them, check your battery life, manage your Bluetooth connections and more. It’s also how you get software updates with new features we’re working on.

  • Breathing light at the bottom of the charging case to display the battery power.
  • Slide Cover Design, Camera-style With Vinyl CD Texture Design.

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