You Can Fly A Private Jet To Las Vegas For $99 — Here’s How

Flying in a private jet during Covid-19 has been all the rage. Passengers can avoid airport crowds, packed planes, and score incredible deals. Now, JSX, a hop-on jet service, is flying to Las Vegas for $99 each way in a very cushy, 30-seat jet.

The hop on and go ’air travel experience can be found at private terminals at major airports, including Las Vegas, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Phoenix.

So what makes the $99 fare worth it?

When flying a JSX private jet to Las Vegas, passengers can expect private terminals, meaning they don’t check in at the normal airport with crowds. The terminals are equipped with private lounges, as well as valet service.

With less passengers at a private terminal (versus major airline terminal), you can expect short lines, including security checkpoints. The jet only has 30 seats, 1-2 configuration, so there is no middle seat, and all seats have extended legroom.

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JSX—recognized by  Fast Company  as one of the “Most Innovative Companies” of 2020—predominantly serves the West Coast flight network, easily accessed from its Las Vegas hub. JSX offers round-trip, non-stop flights operating between private terminals on 30-seat jets, from Las Vegas to Phoenix, Los Angeles, Oakland, and Orange County. 

JSX flight schedule

Additionally, two complimentary checked bags as well as beverages, snacks, and cocktails inflight are included in every fare.  

JSX is the first public U.S. air carrier to implement AI-based, high-definition thermal scanning in all its locations. The SafePointeTSS ® walk-through detection solution is an added component to the existing SafePointe TM2 ® weapons detection technology that allows JSX to detect and protect customers from potential threats.

JSX is also pet friendly.

While private jet companies were receiving backlash for not enforcing face masks during COVID-19, it is now a requirement, and all passengers are required to wear a mask on JSX flights.

The  JSX Simpli-Flyprogram was introduced in May 2020.

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