3 International Casinos You Simply Must Visit This Year

As you travel the world, you’re likely to experience a host of different cultures. Whether it is food, rituals or games, a trip to another country brings a new experience, especially in games and sports (in the United States, sports are very different than Europe). Another example is the world of casinos. There are many different types of casinos around the world, and those passionate about casino games visit as many different locations as possible.

The pandemic in 2020 caused many establishments to close, both in the US and abroad, but the world is waking back up from the challenges of the last 18 months, and many travelers are eager to get back on a boat or plane and explore the world. If you want to live it up in different casinos around the world, here are 3 international casinos you really should visit at least once.

Sun City – South Africa

On the face of it, Sun City Casino and Resort is fairly standard when held up against establishments in Las Vegas or Macau. The scope is impressive, but it offers the usual games, such as roulette, slot machines and poker. It tends to favor the Texas Hold ’em variant of poker, holding prestigious competitions for players from across the world.

However, it isn’t the games that make this a must-visit, but the location. This famed international casino is built next to the Pilanesberg Reserve, which means patrons can watch the animals from their hotel room windows and some casino windows. You can even get a safari tour from the casino if your luck runs out at the tables.

Monte Carlo Casino – Monaco

If you close your eyes and think of a casino outside of the US, the likelihood is you will think of the location in which James Bond played the dangerous super criminal Le Chiffre at poker. During the poker game which uses the Texas Hold ’em variant, Bond is poisoned, and he has to rush out of the building to a car park packed with luxury vehicles. That frontage is the Monte Carlo Casino, one of the most famous and decadent international casinos.

Monaco is a gaming haven famous for its winding streets and for being a tax haven. The tax status is because of the gaming laws that allowed the principality to thrive, making the Monte Carlo casino, one of the original establishments, more than a gaming location – it is a living, breathing part of Monaco’s culture and history.

Casinò di Venezia – Italy

The casinos of Europe are often seen as opulent venues steeped in history, a notion enforced by their appearance in some classic films. Whilst we’ve already touched upon James Bond, none of those films take in the amazing Casino of Venice, one of the oldest anywhere in the world.

The Casinò di Venezia was founded in 1638. It’s had a handful of locations within the famous canal city, but in 1946 it moved to the Ca’ Vendramin Calergi on the Grand Canal, its current home. Any trip to the casino will also see you traverse the streets of Venice, preferably by gondola. You can do the same at Venice-themed casinos in Macau and Las Vegas, but there’s nothing quite like the real thing.

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