If I had human wings, I’d live in Chicago (or just take a helicopter tour)

Chicago helicopter
This is the Chicago skyline money shot with a helicopter tour. 

Before, I even begin, this is the Chicago skyline money shot with a Chicago helicopter tour.


Now, we’ve discussed whether a helicopter tour is even worth the money, and final verdict: yes. In Chicago? Hell yes. If I had wings (more like a bird, not an angel, because I may/may not have a halo, as I’ve “heard”), I’d definitely live in Chicago. The skyline always gets me but, from an aerial perspective, it’s mind-blowing and insanely commanding.

With my friend Ian, I boarded CHE Tours (Chicago Helicopter Experience) for a 15-minute helicopter ride in the Windy City.

If you’re going to do a helicopter tour, you better have a great camera. Like this amazing Canon on sale at Amazon.

Now, the pilot flew us along the shore, and we observed the iconic skyline from a distance (but also veered pretty close on the way back for the money shot). A sunset tour (highly recommended!) is less than $200, and photographers basically freak out over this one (hint: the most photographic tour).

See the famed skyscrapers and skyline in Chicago. We did CHE Tours (Chicago Helicopter Experience) right at sunset. Amazing!

The last time I flew above Chicago in a helicopter tour was in an all-glass (!!!) helicopter, but this time around was equally thrilling with the bird’s-eye view of Wrigley Field, the beaches and, of course, the numerous high-rise towers.

Also, Ian and I had the flight all to ourselves, which definitely made it feel pretty VIP with the VIP (Very Important Pilot). Anyway, let’s all take a moment to appreciate helicopters… they get little love!

Chicago skyline panorama with CHE Tours!

Chicago skyline panorama with CHE Tours!

You definitely have to book a helicopter CHE when you’re in Chicago… I mean, no filter with these photos.

Some selfie action. 

Some selfie action.

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Travelbinger is proud to be a publisher with Google News and Apple News

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