These Are The 29 States Where Covid-19 Cases Are Spiking – Do Not Travel

States Covid is spiking

As of June 15, coronavirus cases are spiking significantly in 29 states in America. Many states are seeing record surges, including Florida (5,500 new daily cases); Arizona (3,056 new daily cases); and Texas (5,551 new daily cases), and California has seen spikes up to 6,000 daily cases.

Arizona, Arkansas, California, North Carolina, South Carolina, Tennessee and Texas have all reported the highest number of hospitalizations in the past day.

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Covid-19 cases spiking in these states
The New York Times.

The 29 states that are spiking with coronavirus cases and seeing significant increases and peaks of the virus cases as of June 25, 2 PM EST, are:

  1. California (total cases 195,889)
  2. Texas (131,310)
  3. Florida (109,006)
  4. Georgia (66,290)
  5. Arizona (60,207)
  6. North Carolina (56,261)
  7. Louisiana (52,590)
  8. Ohio (46,759)
  9. Tennessee (36,822)
  10. Alabama (32,064)
  11. Washington (31,400)
  12. Colorado (31,139)
  13. South Carolina (27,897)
  14. Wisconsin (25,922)
  15. Mississippi (23,424)
  16. Missouri (19,478)
  17. Utah (18,915)
  18. Arkansas (17,375)
  19. Nevada (14,460)
  20. Kansas (13,110)
  21. Oklahoma (11,509)
  22. Delaware (10,889)
  23. Oregon (7,451)
  24. Idaho (4,650)
  25. West Virginia (2,629)
  26. Wyoming (1,282)
  27. Alaska (926)
  28. Hawaii (821)
  29. Montana (766)

To give you an idea of how the spikes are significant, New York (which had 394,430 cases), New Jersey (169,892) and Massachusetts (107,611) were some of the hardest hit states, and now states with record cases are getting close to match their numbers. Because Covid-19 cases are spiking in many states, it’s best to continue to shelter in place.

Coronavirus cases remain same in these states.
The New York Times.

Since the coronavirus hit the US hard this past February, more than 2.3 million cases have been reported, as well as 121,926 known recorded deaths.

Clearly, the coronavirus pandemic is reaching new heights and taking a stronger toll as businesses reopen. It shows that you should reconsider any leisure travel plans during this time, as The New York Times points out, we have no idea where the coronavirus will end up next.

If you have any trips coming up, take a moment to decide if it’s worth the risk, and check your airline’s Covid policy to see if you can cancel or reschedule for a later time. It’s best not to travel now while 29 states are spiking with Covid-19 cases.

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