You can sail through the Everglades in Marco Island, Florida

You would think that a traveler to Marco Island, Florida, outside Naples, would set sail along the Atlantic Ocean, but my friend Jason and I stayed more in-land. In fact, we set sail on a private, 45-foot catamaran for our visit to Marco Island this week, cruising the local area near the Everglades. The huge massive point here? You too can sail through the Everglades in Marco Island, Florida!

Catamaran sail through Marco Island.

First, let me tell you how much I miss Florida. Since the Covid lockdown and travel ban began back in March, it’s been super crazy for everyone. It’s hard being locked up in your home for months on end, but it’s also hard seeing airfare plummet to the lowest prices its been in history.

That’s right. To buy cheap airfare now to travel later was the burning question for several months, and now that travel is getting a little more easier to navigate, more people are taking to the skies.

One of the places I wanted to get back to is Florida. It’s an easy 3-hour flight from NYC, and the beaches are open. One of the activities I remember doing that I would totally go back to do is the sail through the Everglades in Marco Island, Florida.

The sail was about 2 hours and went through the tip of Cape Romano and into the edges of the Everglades, going through the marshes, totally unexpected for a catamaran. We had our own skipper, and this is one of those cool, chilled-out activities where you can social distance and be immersed in nature.

Setting sail in Marco Island.

While we didn’t see alligators (which Florida is known for, especially the Everglades), we did see dolphins! This entire time, I’m wondering if they know about Covid. Dolphins are intelligent creatures, and they probably know more than we do.

On our sail through the Everglades in Marco Island, Florida, we also stopped by a secluded island that was pretty amazing. This is the perfect spot to social distance, get away from the crowds, and still enjoy a vacation without having to go around people.

Anyway, if you have the chance to go on a sail through the Everglades in Marco Island, I recommend it. It’s a great way to travel and social distance, you can bring your own picnic and champagne, and you can sit on a secluded island all by yourself.

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Secluded island in Everglades.

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