5 Ways Adventure Travel Brand Aggressor Adventures is Tackling Covid-19

Aggressor Adventures

Covid-19 has upended the travel industry, which is projected to lose $2 trillion in revenue. Travelers have been hesitant to travel overseas, and a negative Covid-19 test has more value than a U.S passport these days. While traveling has hit an all-time low in losses, many companies, from airlines to hotels, are making a strong comeback, and they’re handling Covid-19 in impressive ways, including Aggressor Adventures, an adventure travel brand based in the U.S.

Here are 5 ways Aggressor Adventures is tacking Covid-19 for both customers and staff.

agressor adventures
Photo: Jason Gilbreth (Trevelino Keller)

1. Customer Safety – In efforts to provide a safe and healthy return to travel for both their customers and personnel, Aggressor Adventures immediately incorporated pro-active sanitation and training strategies.

“Our guests can take comfort in knowing that their safety and health is our priority, and we look forward to embarking on our next adventure together soon,” says Aggressor Adventures CEO Wayne Brown.

2. Customer Loyalty – Through the development of the Customer Engagement Initiatives program, Aggressor Adventures was able to continually create new methods of engaging and building loyalty with its customers.

“We have used this down period effectively to keep customers engaged, excited and ready to join us for their next adventure knowing our liveaboards and lodging will be cleaner and more sanitized than ever,” says Brown.

3. Customer Engagement – Virtual engagement with customers has also been fused into Aggressor’s focus with the recent launch of their new ZOOM Into Adventure series, consisting of live presentations from experts and licensees in the dive and adventure travel industries.

“Through our development of our Customer Engagement Initiatives program, we are able to continually create new methods of engaging and building loyalty with our customers,” says Brown.

Agressor Adventures
Photo: Jason Gilbreth (Trevelino Keller)

4. Customer Service – Without a fully staffed organization, there is no way to create the necessary changes and deliver the necessary training to implement the guidelines for keeping customers safe and happy. Not eliminating any positions or changing and pay structure is not only important for morale but further cements the positive relationship and work environment of every staff member with the company.

Of the 29 full-time staff members, there has been no lay-offs or furloughs. “We made it clear to our employees early on in the pandemic that there would be no lay-offs,” says Brown. “When employees are confident in their job security, they can focus 100 percent of their efforts on the customer.

5. Customer Experience – With the myriad guidelines and regulations from country to country, Aggressor Adventures added an operations position to ensure staff were fully compliant with the new guidelines and certified for the new cleaning and sanitizing programs.

When customers are ready to join Aggressor Adventures for their next trip the team is ready to provide them with an adventure of a lifetime. “When people are ready to travel again, which we know they are based on our future bookings, they’ll remember that Aggressor Adventures went the extra mile for its customers,” says Brown.

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