8 Photos Of A Dog In NYC Snowstorm To Brighten Your Day

dog at mccarren park

The snowstorm in NYC has been crazy, and yesterday brought another 12 inches to the city. While many of us stayed inside, the outdoors was a playing field for dogs in the NYC snowstorm.

Like many dogs, Jetsetruby braved the storm to play, explore and prove snowstorms in NYC are a fun blessing.

Here are 8 photos of a dog in the NYC snowstorm to brighten your day!

Jetsetruby checks out the snow from the window.


Then she gets curious….(the snow is piling up!)

She loves the walk through Mccarren Park.

Back at home, she loves the pile up of snow in our backyard. She’s getting used to being a dog in NYC snowstorm!

She missed the snow outdoors, so I took her to Domino Park, where she decided to photobomb my shot with a poop.

She can’t get enough of the snow!

Here she is, loving the snow. Nothing like a dog in a NYC snowstorm!

Wish it would snow every day! She prefers being the happy dog in a NYC snowstorm.

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