3 Best Grooming and Beauty Products I Always Pack

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While many people ask me travel questions (ie: where to go, what to do, how to save money, etc), a lot of readers ask for tips on great grooming and beauty products to use when they’re traveling. It’s not unusual. Travel takes a huge toll on the body, especially when you’re on your feet all day exploring. People also forget harsh weather conditions can have an impact on your skin, and don’t get me started on the dry, recycled air on a plane or a hotel room. Here are 3 grooming beauty products I always pack — and you should too!

Lush Pink Peppermint Foot Lotion

Lush Pink Peppermint foot lotion

As I mentioned, travelers can be on their feet literally all day exploring. I remember those days of backpacking through Thailand or climbing Machu Picchu from 6 am to dusk. I’d always get a massage at the end of the day, but what really adds to relief is a foot lotion. I’ve tried a couple foot creams, and Lush does a great job with Pink Peppermint. The peppermint and spearmint oil is cooling to the feet, but there’s also cocoa butter (a lot) that helps moisturize. Also, they “upgraded” it recently, so it’s a lot thicker than normal. It really is one of the best grooming and beauty products to pack.

The pink stuff!

Arnica was a trending ingredient the past few years because it’s great for soothing (not just feet, but back as well).

Lush Pink Peppermint isn’t cheap. It’s about $30 for 8 ounces.

If you want a cheaper alternative, USA Naturals Tea Tree Oil foot cream is also soothing. It has different ingredients (like aloe and obviously tea tree) which is just as good and soothes well. You can buy it on Amazon.

IS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30

IS clinical Extreme protect
IS clinical Extreme protect

I’ve mentioned time and time again on how SPF is so crucial. Of course, we don’t learn this when we’re young, so we never got in the habit of putting on SPF every day in our formative years. The sun can wreck the skin’s elasticity and speed up wrinkling, and there’s also skin diseases and cancer to be concerned with. I wear SPF every day, even if the sun isn’t out, because you still get UV from your computer. It’s good to get in the habit of wearing sunscreen daily, and I use IS Clinical SPF 30.

IS Clinical SPF

IS Clinical Extreme Protect SPF 30 is soft and creamy, and it doesn’t leave that white sheen you often find with SPF. It makes a great daily SPF because it blends real well on your skin; nobody will notice you are wearing SPF. I love that the sunscreen also has 4.2% zinc oxide, which is more than enough SPF protection you need. You can learn more about why zinc oxide is among the best sunscreen protectors here.

IS Clinical SPF 30 is on the pricey side. It’s $78, but the 3.5 bottle will last you about 4-6 months. When it comes to SPF, you pay for quality, and I know I’m going to have great protection with IS. I’ve used it for about 5 years now, and I look great! 🙂 Definitely one of the best beauty products I pack and travel with.

Kevin Murphy Young Again Hair Oil

Kevin Murphy Young Again

Kevin Murphy Young Again Oil is a leave-in treatment oil for hair, but the reason I like it is because it’s great for styling. It’s weightless and soft, and it doesn’t leave a mess or make your hair stiff and hard like other hair products do (like wax or hairspray). It also give shine, which isn’t a huge factor for me, but it’s definitely noticeable.

The reason I recommend it is because it’s such an amazing hair product to have when I have business meetings. I add a little dab and don’t spend a ton of time on my hair.

Kevin Murphy Young Again hair oil also has ingredients that help protect against environmental stressors and heat damage. It’s definitely a great grooming and beauty product I pack when I travel!

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